Travel experience in Phan Thiet with practical experience

A trip to Phan Thiet with friends and family members will bring many interesting and memorable experiences. To help make the trip safe and convenient, do not ignore the travel experiences of Phan Thiet self-sufficient: The time, travel, eating, playing, ... are below.

Travel experience in Phan Thiet

Time to travel to Phan Thiet

Favored by many favored weather with windy weather, less rain and storms, very suitable for travel. That is why you can go to Phan Thiet at any time of the year. With  favorable Phan Thiet travel experience  , the time of June and July is considered  the most beautiful tourist season in Phan Thiet , but this time is crowded with tourists, so you need to hunt for plane tickets, as well as rooms. Early hotel to avoid being sold out, room fire, forced prices up.


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Time to travel to Phan Thiet


Tourist attractions in Phan Thiet

Phan Thiet tourism  has many great destinations. However, you cannot discover the beauty of this place in a few short days of travel. So, with full Phan Thiet travel experience, I recommend visiting some ideal destinations such as:

  • Bai Rang : About 10km from the city center is Rang beach - a famous tourist destination in Phan Thiet . Visitors coming here will have the opportunity to enjoy the interesting natural beauty, with blue sea water, white sand, green coconut trees stretching on the coast, and many wonderful experiences.
  • Hon Rom : Located in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet with natural beauty of the sea, mixed with small wild mountains, creating a colorful natural picture.


Synthesis of travel experiences in Phan ThietHon Rom - Phan Thiet


  • Mui Ne Bay Sand Dunes : Located near the Hon Rom area, this place is considered one of  the famous and famous landscapes in Phan Thiet  not only attracting tourists, but also receiving a lot of attention from artists, photographers, ... In addition to the unique beauty, coming here you also have the opportunity to experience many fun and exciting activities, especially sand sliding.
  • Mui Ne Beach : Owning a pristine beautiful beach, cool blue sea water, visitors will be immersed in the sea bathing. Along with that are interesting entertainment activities on the beach.
  • Suoi Tien : Another place to visit in Phan Thiet  is Suoi Tien, where there is a strong stream of water all year round from high sand dunes and impressive natural scenery. Fresh natural climate, cool, is a very wonderful resort.
  • Bau Trang - Bau Sen : are natural freshwater lakes. If you come here in the summer when the lotus is blooming, not only can you explore nature, but also enjoy the delicate fragrance of the lotus here.
  • Cu Lao Cau : Known as a deserted island, possessing an interesting natural landscape, colorful rocks, mixed green grass, creating a highlight, attracting many tourists. center.
  • In addition, there are still many other tourist destinations in Phan Thiet  such as Hang Pagoda, Hon Ba, Ke Ga lighthouse, Mui Ne fishing village, ancient sea and rocky beach, ...


Phan Thiet travel experience is self-sufficient and funCu Lao Cau - Phan Thiet


Delicious dishes and specialties in Phan Thiet

Phan Thiet tourism should eat?  Coming to Phan Thiet, the culinary discovery here is an indispensable experience in the trip. There are many delicious and famous dishes in Phan Thiet  you should enjoy such as:

  • Glutinous rice paper rolls : Made simply from rice paper, shrimp paste, greased fat and quail eggs, but with its own cooking secrets, creating a delicious and attractive smell that cannot be denied.
  • Banh canh : It is also a  favorite dish in Phan Thiet , with many different flavors such as: Fish cake soup, steamed soup cake, ...
  • Seafood salad : Attractive dish made from fish shellfish , spring fish or cloudy fish, served with raw vegetables, noodles and special dipping sauce is indispensable.
    - Or snail salad, processed from snail meat with pork and raw vegetables, roasted peanuts, ...
  • Phan Thiet beef vermicelli : Referring to beef noodle soup, perhaps you often think of Hue beef noodle dish right? But if you have the opportunity to come to Phan Thiet, you should also enjoy the beef noodle soup here. Because of its delicious and different taste, unlike any beef noodle dish.
  • Grilled thunderstorm is the most famous specialty in Phan Thiet , not only conquering the taste of tourists, but also the people here who love this dish.


Phan Thiet travel experience for first-time visitorsDelicious dishes and specialties in Phan Thiet


There are still many places to play, as well as delicious food that we have not covered in   this self-sufficient travel experience guide Phan Thiet . So, those who have been to Phan Thiet and know more information, please help us add by leaving a comment below the article. I wish you a happy trip, and many memorable memories.

Instructions on how to go to Phan Thiet

Currently, there are no airlines that have direct flights to Phan Thiet, but to get here you will have to take a bus or train from Saigon. For other provinces like Hanoi, you will have to fly to Saigon, then take the car to Phan Thiet. From Phan Thiet about 200km from Saigon.

  • Passenger car: At the East bus station, there are many garages serving the trip from Saigon - Phan Thiet such as: Hoang Long Garage (0623 739 988), Phuong Trang (38375570), Kumho Samco (35 112 112) ,. .. with the ticket price of about 150k / person.
  • Train: You can go to the train stations in Saigon and buy tickets to Phan Thiet for about: 110k - 160k / person.


Phan Thiet travel experience is fun and memorableTravel Phan Thiet by train


Staying in Phan Thiet

It is a HOT tourist destination, so it is not too difficult to find a place to stay. However, according to  Phan Thiet's cheap and convenient travel  experience, you should consult the motels and hotels here for the address, room price, ... in advance at home, so you can choose. suitable accommodation. Should not go to Phan Thiet to find a room, it just takes time and is easy to cut.