Quick Save Mui Ne Self-Sufficiency Travel Experience From A - Z

Are you planning to go to Mui Ne, Phan Thiet? Save this super-detailed self-sufficient travel experience in Mui Ne!

Travel Vietnam would like to share from A - Z about Mui Ne travel experiences for you, from the way of travel, cars, delicious accommodation - nutritious - cheap and quality. Save it now, lest you miss it!

self-sufficient travel experienceTravel experience in Mui Ne is self-sufficient


1. Travel experience in Mui Ne: What time is the most beautiful?

Mui Ne, Phan Thiet is a place with quite stable weather, seasons of the year are almost less affected by rain and storms, so whenever you have free time, you can make a schedule. Please!
However, you should also note a little about the experience of traveling to Mui Ne in April and May, the temperature here will be much higher than other times. Therefore, if you do not want to walk in the terrible sun here, you should not choose these 2 months to travel to Mui Ne ! 


self-sufficient travel experienceThe appropriate time to go to Mui Ne is from June to August

You should also avoid September, October and November because this season often has sudden rains, so your plans to visit may be affected. In short, according to Mui Ne's travel experience, the best month to travel to Mui Ne is from December to April and from June to August.
Well, again from June to August the weather is fine, but overall it's still pretty hot, so you guys should consider it!

2. The road to Mui Ne and transportation 

If you go from Hanoi you can choose to fly to Phan Thiet or Ho Chi Minh then take a bus, taxi to Mui Ne.


self-sufficient travel experienceThere are many ways to get to Mui Ne

If departing from Ho Chi Minh, you can choose the following transportation methods:

  • Passenger car: Ticket price ranges from 110k - 200k depending on the car company. Travel time from Ho Chi Minh City to Mui Ne by bus takes about 4 hours. The car manufacturers that you can refer to are: Phuong Trang, Hoang Long, Sinh Cafe, Thanh Buoi, ...
  • By train: If you like a nostalgic journey, you can choose the train to travel to Mui Ne, the fare ranges from 110k / person!
  • Motorbike: This is the vehicle that the young people prefer most when traveling to Mui Ne because they enjoy the wind and the feeling of freedom to travel to Mui Ne, only about 5 hours. 


self-sufficient travel experienceYoung people often like to ride motorbikes


You go along Highway 1K, down Hoa An Bridge and then follow TL768 running along Dong Nai River to Tri An Lake. From here, you continue straight through the intersection of TL762, and reach the end of entry QL20 in Gia Tan. Then, from Gia Tan, continue to Da Lat for about 8 km, then turn right onto Xuan Thanh - Suoi Cao - Xuan Bac street to go along the south side of Dong Nai river to TL766. 
From TL766, you continue for 10 km, where there is a right-turn sign from Suoi Ke rubber processing factory to Ma Lam. And from Ma Lam, you can turn right to reach the city territory of Phan Thiet. 


self-sufficient travel experienceLost in the scenery of Mui Ne waterfront

According to Mui Ne tourism experience , you can choose to rent a motorbike to explore within Mui Ne, and this is considered as the most convenient means to visit here, the price ranges from motorbike rental a day from 150k / car has not fueled!
In addition, you can take a taxi or take a bus, but actually these two means are quite expensive, the bus is more economical but it takes time and is not active on the way.


self-sufficient travel experienceExperience on the roads


3. Experience in Mui Ne booking

If you book a Mui Ne tour , you already have a tour party concerned about rooms, motels, but if you like to go self-sufficient and go to the palace for yourself and your friends, you should carefully study the motel and hotel in Mui Ne . Avoid it !
In Mui Ne, there is a feature of numerous hotels and resorts. The homestay is quite few, mainly located along Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, so please check the address carefully to not be too far from the center!


self-sufficient travel experienceYou can also experience camping off the beach

Here are some quality hotels and resorts in Mui Ne you can refer to:

  • Sea Links City Villa 5 *

Sea Links City Villa 5 * is one of the famous hotels, good quality in Mui Ne. Here, you will enjoy luxurious rooms, modern equipment, modern service quality and many interesting experiences such as massage room, sauna, spa, karaoke ...

  • Melon Resort 4 * Mui Ne

With direct sea view from the balcony, Melon Resort Mui Ne is also a great resort. Most of the rooms at the resort are fully equipped with modern and eye-catching interior and exterior. 


Mui Ne has many high-quality resorts


  • Viva Boutique Resort 3 * Mui Ne

Coming to Viva Boutique Resort, you do not have to worry about services, entertainment areas or daily meals. There is even a private sea and a private outdoor pool for you to explore and experience.

  • Dai Tan Hotel

Located right in the heart of Mui Ne beach, Dai Tan Hotel is also a suggestion for you. There is a beautiful room, good quality but the price is very reasonable, will help you save a lot of money in your Mui Ne trip . Address: 276 Nguyen Thong, Lagoon Hai, Mui Ne, Phan Thiet.


travel experience in Mui NeCheck the room before receiving


  • Quoc Dinh Guest House

Like other hotels in Mui Ne, to Quoc Dinh Guest House you will also enjoy a fresh, airy, spacious, clean resting space with a full system of amenities. Address: 123 Huynh Thuc Khang, Mui Ne, Phan Thiet.
According to Mui Ne tourism experience , you can try a new experience, camping at sea, there are a few resorts for you to choose camping sites such as Hon Rom 1, 2 Tourist Area and Tourist Area. Thuy Trang.


Mui Ne tourism experienceWith a group of close friends, tossing up the roof of Mui Ne

4. Go to Mui Ne you cannot miss the following places

Mui Ne Sand Dunes: Immense sand dunes, white and undulating red, are trademarks of Mui Ne. It will be a huge shortcoming if you do not check-in the sub-Sahara in Phan Thiet. The virtual live check-in photos at sunset or sunrise are beautiful.


Mui Ne tourism experienceCheck-in the legendary sand dune

Hon Rom: Hon Rom from the road to the next beautiful beach. You can stop anywhere on the 17km long coastal trail to relax.
Ong Dia Stone Beach: This is one of the places where people live most often, and is also a pet appearing in many movies. If you do not have, visit Mui Ne, remember to come here.
 - Mui Ne rocky rapids: is a place where there are many rocky cape jutting out to the sea to catch waves and wind, creating a very beautiful scene, alternating with long sandy beaches are small sandy beaches, the scenery here is very charming. At the top there are also Ba Vang Temple and Mausoleum of Mr. Thach Long.


Mui Ne tourism experienceFairy stone rapids

- Thap Cham is located on Ba Nai hill, 7km from Phan Thiet city. As one of the remaining monuments of the Kingdom of Champa, small architecture but distilled with the artistic quintessence of the Cham people, coming here you will feel the majesty and mystery of the tower. this.


experience-travel-convert-ne-6Check-in at Thap Cham


5. What to eat in Mui Ne?


Fish salad

Fish Salad is one of the attractive specialties in Mui Ne, made from apricot fish served with fresh vegetables and special peanut sauce. Surely this delicious dish will not disappoint you.


This is a specialty dish that is loved by many tourists. Thunderstorms are reptiles that live in sand dunes, so the meat is very fragrant and sweet. Therefore, when traveling to Mui Ne , you must definitely enjoy grilled thunderstorms.


two-san-phan-thiet-1Seafood paradise


Phan Thiet cake

Phan Thiet crepe has an attractive aroma and a greasy taste. To enjoy the true taste of the rut, you can visit the specialty bakery along the Ca Ty river or buy at Phan Thiet market.

Soft rolled rice paper

Plastic rice paper rolls are made from fish sauce, plastic rice paper, grease, and quail eggs. All of these make for a very delicious dish.


6. What gifts do I buy when traveling to Mui Ne?

Mui Ne has a famous specialty that is fresh grapes, people from north to south all love it, so traveling to Mui Ne to bring a basket of fresh grapes is really memorable. In addition to fresh grapes you can buy raisins, grape jam for easier transport!
Phan Thiet fish sauce is also a well-known brand for a long time because of its rich aroma, if you do not have too many things you can consider buying Thanh The or Nam Thao fish sauce as a gift.


Mui Ne tourism experienceDo not forget to buy gifts for relatives and parents

Finally, Mui Ne seafood is the specialty of Phan Thiet specialty that  you cannot miss. If you cannot carry fresh food, you can carry dry food like squid and dried fish, because the price is not expensive but the quality is good. the table!
Summary of trip costs
According to Mui Ne travel experience , self-scheduled trip will significantly reduce unnecessary costs, if departing from Ho Chi Minh, with a trip 2 days 1 night, then costs only from 1.3 million to 2 million. It depends on how much you eat and spend. 


Mui Ne tourism experiencePick up the suitcase and let's go

With the above information, hope you have saved many useful Mui Ne travel experiences and have a memorable trip!