Million-like virtual living corners in Phan Thiet make people feel fidgety

Check-in Phan Thiet, no one would have expected that there are more virtual living corners than on a set like this. With Vietnam Travel, turn all these beautiful corners!

Hmm, it's a pity to travel without storing the pictures. And also in Binh Thuan, you definitely have to get good value for money shots at these virtual living corners, check-in Phan Thiet right now and always!


i find virtual life coordinates in Phan Thiet

For people who love to move, no matter what form of travel, they want to keep more or less memorable angles and moments in the frame. But there is a fact that is hard to deny, not every corner of the camera is beautiful, any pose is also good. 


check-in-phan-thiet-19Check-in Phan Thiet concep now!

Therefore, note on the experience of choosing the angle "on the picture" for the whole scene in the tourist destinations in Phan Thiet later. Having these tips in hand, even though the whole world "resists" the fact that you want to have beautiful photos, you can still "spleen" well and sit "count like tired". Ah of course, at each check-in point in Phan Thiet, it is recommended to have a separate concept to achieve a beautiful realm of life!

Check-in Phan Thiet, department market 5 best virtual living studios


1. Coco Beach - Sexy, seductive

Coco Beach decided not to "accompany" visitors to play, with colorful houses, flowers and all decorative details becoming a great "backdrop". Regardless of whether it's going to be sunny or rainy outside, the sea is cloudy or clear, there are still pictures at the top of the kout.

check-in-phan-thiet-3Sexy, sexy for Coco Beach

Simple nets also become "props" to effectively support the production of pictures "pleasing to netizens". The appropriate angle is slanted or top-shot (taken from top down), both getting the shade of the sun shining diagonally, while expanding the space below.


check-in-phan-thiet-2So deep with sexy face

The girls should remember, in order not to reveal a big blemish, turn to tilt or let the hair fly to cover part of the cheeks. And it's important to push your chin up! This movement will help "chin" disappear in the blink of an eye. Your face will be remarkably neat!


check-in-phan-thiet-1A little bit of HongKong movies

Coco Beach is a tourist destination in Phan Thiet that is very suitable for you to show the feminine and sexy features, so if possible, try some hip movements to the side, hands in the air gently. The figure and scene are instantly "eaten"!

2. Mui Ke Ga - Must be very chill

Phan Thiet has strong winds, rough seas all over the region, Mui Ke Ga is of course no exception. But this is also a tourist destination in Phan Thiet that doesn't wait for "blessed" weather, this place is already full of "capital" to produce a series of excellent pictures!



The easiest way to get depth is to take the whole nature, so that you become small in front of the clouds and flowers. Remember to interact with the scene! Take a look at Ke Ga Lighthouse. This will not lead to human conditions and "lost."


check-in-phan-thiet-5Department of Sic Bo on Ke Ga nose

This Phan Thiet check-in "film studio " has lots of rocky mountains, basket boats, ... Immerse yourself in the scene by posing comfortably, freely and maximize body release! The dynamic, youthful is also just from a comfortable sitting posture!



3. Bau Trang Hoa Thang - True "quality" adventure

It is stormy and windy all year round, the terrain changes continuously. If you want to come here to bring beautiful pictures, be "safe", nice and beautiful for both your body and your own, remember to carefully cover and prepare a hat, face mask, eyeglasses, ... and other necessary equipment for the camera. home! Take care not to let sand grains jam the camera!


check-in-phan-thiet-7Chill out in Bau Trang Hoa Thang

Fine white sand strip with long stretches of sand is a true virtual life corner! Go on the right sandy road so that your feet will not be "cut", or sit right next to the side so that people do not bend. Your photo will definitely have nothing to criticize.

4. Breakthrough at Bau Trang Phan Ri

Bau Trang Phan Ri is quieter, white sand is smooth and clean, very "facilitates" for beautiful photos to be born. Even the driver also had to compliment "That place took pictures to eat off all the deserts!", So why not check-in Phan Thiet immediately and always!



The wind on the wide sand is flowing into your hair, gently stroke and keep your ears halfway, your arms will be less empty, redundant, and help you "show" your facial expressions, while maintaining your charisma! And the results are not bad either!


check-in-phan-thiet-11Posing in the middle of the road

Even the street next to Bau Trang Phan Ri is also "eating pictures"! I just need to walk and get a few photos like that. With the clear blue sky, the road stretching out before your eyes, put yourself in the center of the frame to create depth! Peace of mind, empty road ah!


check-in-phan-thiet-10Fainting substance in Phan Ri

5. Phu Quy Island - Healthy sport concept

Dubbed every corner also "serves" for virtual living, Phu Quy Island "treats" thoughtful visitors with an endless list of beautiful scenes.


check-in-phan-thiet-14Phu Quy Island, every corner lives virtual away from the table

The small island is beautiful, so you can travel by motorbike easily. If standing on a high mountain, sit by the rocky platform, the angle is facing downwards to see the majestic mountain scenery.


check-in-phan-thiet-12Prepare a healthy check-in sports suit in Phu Quy right away

The secret is in the palm of the hand, the angle for the person and the angle for the scene are all available, you are still hesitant without fully charging the camera battery, check-in Phan Thiet right this summer, and remember to do one Remember life album, you know?