15 tourist destinations in Phan Thiet just come and forget the way back

Phan Thiet tourism is also hot at any time of the year. Vietnam Travel tells you 15 extremely cheap but enchanting Phan Thiet tourist destinations for you to enjoy in your next vacation.

List of tourist attractions in Phan Thiet beautiful and 'captivating' tourists

1. Ta Cu mountain pagoda

A hot tourist destination in Phan Thiet for those who love ecology is Ta Cu Mountain tourist area. It is located right next to National Highway 1A, in Thuan Nam town, about 30km from the city center. Ta Cu mountain attracts tourists by charming mountain scenery, pure and peaceful space, especially the top of Ta Cu mountain, about 650m from the ground. If you are adventurous, conquering these 1000 steps will be extremely interesting because the two sides are green trees, the chirping of birds and the extremely fresh climate. If not, you can take the cable car for about 90,000 VND to go and back.


Phan Thiet tourist destination - Ta Cu mountain pagodaPanoramic view of Ta Cu mountain in the cloud cover (photo: @winsin_ouslogy)


Up to the top of Ta Cu mountain are 2 sacred pagodas of Linh Son Truong and Long Doan pagoda. Admission ticket to Ta Cu mountain is only about 50,000 VND / person and you can freely explore the diverse ecology and spirituality!


2. Poshanu Cham Tower

The famous tourist destination of Phan Thiet is Poshanu Cham Tower, located on Ba Na hill, in Phu Hai ward. Just go from the city center about 7 km to the northeast, you will see signs to visit Thap Cham. This is the relic built at the end of the eighth century in the old Kingdom of Champa with the architectural style Hoa Lai typical of the Cham people. Thap Cham has both a majestic and mysterious beauty, allowing you to freely explore and save commemorative photos with ancient statues! 

It only takes about 10k / person, you can freely visit in Thap Cham! 


Phan Thiet tourist destination - poshanu indigo towerThap Cham is so mesmerizing (photo: @ b.hang0126)


3. Ong Hoang Floor

Another very beautiful tourist destination Phan Thiet is the Ong Hoang floor associated with the poet Han Mac Tu. Legend has it that this is the place where Han Mac Tu and Mrs. Mong Cam - a poet's deep love often date to watch the moon. 

This relic is located in Phu Hai ward, not far from the city center. This is also the remnants of the villa built by the French in ancient Indochina. Although built for a long time, this place still attracts many tourists to stop by and check - in millions of like photos!


Phan Thiet tourist destination - King floorMr. Huang's floor commemorates Han Mac Tu (photo: @imtamho)


4. Ke Ga Lighthouse

List of beautiful tourist destinations in Phan Thiet cannot help but call the name of Ke Ga lighthouse . This place is located in Ke Ga cape, Tan Thanh commune, Ham Thuan Nam district, Binh Thuan province. You will be extremely refreshed when watching the lighthouse located in the middle of the blue sea on Ke Ga Island. Want to conquer this lighthouse, you can hire a basket boat or a swim boat out in the middle of the sea. It is also known as the tallest ancient tower in Vietnam!

The fee to visit the lighthouse is 10,000 VND / person, the fee to use the boat to set foot to the lamp is also very cheap, only about 40,000 VND / person, you can freely admire and take “super chill” pictures with immense sea!


Phan Thiet tourist destination - chicken millet lighthousePhoto: @ lananh.andrena


5. Fishing village of Mui Ne

The fishing village of Mui Ne is a free place to visit in Phan Thiet but extremely attractive. This fishing village is about 23km from the center, right next to Mui Ne market, on Huynh Thuc Khang street, easy to find.

What is more interesting than getting up early to catch the dawn in the fishing village, watching the fishing boats of the people on the beach, and searching for fresh seafood just arrived? A picnic to visit the fishing village, spoiled for eating seafood and exploring the life of fishermen in the sea is also a rare experience waiting for you!


Phan Thiet tourist destination - Mui Ne fishing villageMui Ne fishing village is as beautiful as a picture (photo: @ttgiianng)


6. Sand Dunes

Continuing another famous tourist destination in Phan Thiet , Cat Bay is also known as Hong Mui Ne Hill. Cat Bay Hill is located on Quarter 5, Mui Ne Street, about 20km from the center of Phan Thiet. True to its name, this place is the endless stretch of sand from Binh Thuan province to Ninh Thuan, making everyone fascinated by the wild and amazing beauty!

Taking pictures, drawing pictures or even playing in the sand are all memories associated with Sand Bay. Even more special is that the sand here comes in 18 different colors and they constantly change color to make visitors enjoy!


tourist destination of Mui Ne - flying sand dunesSand Dunes are like an endless desert (photo: @ huongvth0909)


7. White Sand Dunes (Bau Trang)

Another attractive tourist destination in Phan Thiet associated with sand is White Sand Dunes in Luong Son town, Binh Thuan province. White Sand Dunes also known as Bau Trang is located in the hill, surrounded by green coconut forest. 

White Sand Dunes is known as a miniature desert, extremely attractive to visitors because of the open space, surrounded by whispering casuarina groves and a blooming lotus pond. This place is divided into two halves and the sand hill is the boundary in between. It is said that the most beautiful sunset in Phan Thiet is to visit White Sand Dunes!


Phan Thiet tourist destination - white sand hillPoetic white sand dunes (photo: @ hua.huy.hoang)


8. Ganh Son

Phan Thiet tourist destination for you to rent in the sea is Ganh Son. This is a free place to visit for tourists who love the blue sea, located in the fishing village of Giuong Village, 70km from the city center.

Ganh Son has a wild beauty like an original painting of nature. As its name implies, one side has red sandy hills like ocher, the other side is a clear blue beach and a crowded fishing village of fishermen. At dawn or dusk, taking pictures while walking while the sun falls is wonderful!


tourist destination Phan Thiet - ganh sonPhoto: @ 2visage_de_nin


9. Co Thach stone beach

Phan Thiet tourism can not ignore the unique and strange Co Thach rocky beach, located in Binh Thanh commune, Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan province. Co Thach rocky beach attracts visitors by its new and unspoiled beauty made up of sparkling multicolored rocks. It is also called this seven color rocky beach because of that!

More unique than the rock here is characterized by round and flat features, although it is located next to the green beach, mainly visitors come to Co Thach to take pictures because the scenery is so beautiful. Especially in March, when rocks covered with green moss create a very magical landscape for those who love to shoot!


10. Cu Lao Cau

One more tourist destination Phan Thiet attracts every year is in Cu Lao Cau, in Phuoc The commune, Tuy Phong district, far from Phan Thiet. This area is far from the city center (more than 100km) but very suitable for a 1-2 day picnic. Cu Lao Cau is like a large boat covered by countless rocks in shapes and colors.

The entrance fee in Cu Lao Cau falls to about 250,000 VND / person for both the first and second way. This is a quite deserted island area, retaining the most pristine things of nature, without human artificial hands. Located about 9km from the coast, you will have to go to Cu Lao Cau by boat or canoe, which is no different than a pearl of nature, surrounded by the blue sea. Going to Cu Lao Cau to take pictures or experience the night squid fishing with fishermen is truly unforgettable!


Phan Thiet tourist destination - Cu Lao CauPhoto: @ ptbh.08


11. Hon Rom

According to Phan Thiet tourism experience , you can not help but stop by Hon Rom, about 28km from the center. This place is made up of mountains located in Mui Ne ward, extremely suitable for swimming and relaxation trips. 

The scenery at Hon Rom also makes people ecstatic because the blue seawater surrounds the small mountain, the waves strike smoothly day and night. Hon Rom embraces the entire coast of 17km, the two sides are endless stretches of coconut trees. You can immerse yourself in the cool blue water at the beaches or go for a walk, wedding photography is also very romantic!


12. Phu Quy Island

Phu Quy is Phan Thiet tourist destination attracting domestic and foreign tourists. Phu Quy is 120km from the city center, but this place is a complex of many different islands such as: Red island, Hai island, Da Cao island ... for you to discover unforgettable!

In addition, when setting foot on Phu Quy island, you also have the opportunity to travel spiritually, explore the architecture of Cao Cat pagoda, Linh Quang pagoda ... or watch the diverse coral reefs in Trieu Duong Bay, Nho Ganh Hang beach ...


tourist destination Phan Thiet - Phu Quy islandPhoto: @ ms_greenvibes


13. Bai Rang

Bai Rang is also a beautiful tourist destination in Phan Thiet, only about 15km by motorbike from the city. Bai Rang is known as the most beautiful beach in Phan Thiet with spreading golden sand, smooth sea surface and coconut trees swaying in the wind!

Visitors to Rang beach are very crowded, especially in the summer. Bai Rang attracts people by the beauty of the beach, keeping visitors satisfied by first-class resorts and unique blue dragonfish dishes!

14. Ong Dia stone beach

Location Ong Dia is located in Ham Tien ward, Mui Ne, just about 10km from Phan Thiet. You do not have to waste money to go to Ong Dia rocky beach but you can also freely roam and swim. Ong Dia rocky beach attracts tourists by the blue sky and undulating rock rapids of all different shapes.

Ong Dia Rock is also an ideal place for honeymooners and photo shoots for many couples across the country!


Phan Thiet tourist destination - Ong Dia rocky beachOng Dia Stone Beach is the most ideal photo (photo: @ hathai21)


15. Sealinks Wine Castle

Wine Castle is a tourist destination in Phan Thiet , belonging to Sealinks city resort: Km9, Nguyen Thong, Phu Hai. Tickets to visit the wine castle fall at about 100,000 VND / person, if you want to try wine at an affordable price, try to visit here.

The wine cellar has an abundance of fine wines waiting for you. And there are also wine frames for unique photos too!

Phan Thiet tourism at any time of the year also attracts tourists, especially in the summer because of the romantic green beaches that await. You should try to visitPhan Thiet tourist destinationsin the article to prepare for the journey to discover this wonderful land right away.