What do you buy as a gift from Mui Ne tourism and where to buy it?

Mui Ne is a beautiful coastal fishing village, possessing clear blue sea water, wide stretches of sand, soaring green coconut trees, ... is the most popular tourist attraction. However, for a more complete trip, what should Mui Ne tourism buy as a gift is also a topic of great interest. Therefore, the following article luhanhvietnam will suggest you some meaningful and practical gifts in Mui Ne.

Mui Ne tourism buys what is the best gift with shopping address


1. Phi Long sand painting

What to buy as a gift when traveling to Mui Ne? In recent years, sand paintings are the most sought-after product by many tourists, for their unique and impressive creativity. Especially the products of Phi Long Sand Painting Co., Ltd, when sand paintings are made from young people with disabilities. Therefore, buying Phi Long sand paintings is not only an ideal gift, but it is also a noble and meaningful act when contributing a part to help unlucky young people to have stable jobs. .

** Address to buy sand paintings in Phi Long: Located at 444, Thu Khoa Huan, Thanh Hai, Phan Thiet.


What do you buy as a gift from Mui Ne tourism?  Phi Long sand painting - Gift for tourism in Mui NeThe process of creating Phi Long sand paintings


2. Squid a sunny

Mui Ne is famous for its beautiful beaches, so seafood dishes are also a meaningful gift when traveling to Mui Ne. However, instead of choosing to buy fresh seafood, a sunny squid will be the best choice. The fresh and delicious squid leaves after being caught by fishermen will be cleaned and dried in the sun for exactly 1 day, and then packed. This is done to preserve the ink from spoiling, while still retaining its natural, appealing taste. With a sunny squid you can process into many different dishes, but the most delicious is grilled squid with salt and chili. So, if you do not know what Mui Ne tourism buys as a gift , do not miss this dish. Squid prices range from 300 to 450k / kg, depending on the size and weight of the squid, there will be different prices.

** Address reference:

- Store No. 5B - 6B Vo Van Kiet, Hung Vuong Residential Area, Phan Thiet.

- Store No. 66 Huynh Thi Kha, Phu Thuy Ward, Phan Thiet.

- Fishing village of Mui Ne.


What do you buy as a gift from Mui Ne tourism?  A sunny squid is an ideal gift in Mui NeGo to Mui Ne to buy squid for relatives and family


3. Dried seafood

Similar to other beach destinations, buying dried seafood in Mui Ne is also a great suggestion. Because it has both the taste of the sea and the typical taste of Mui Ne, but also very practical. So, to answer the question of what Mui Ne tourism buys as a gift , you can consider: Dried squid, dried shrimp, goldfish,…. Or you can also buy processed dried seafood products such as: Squid, simmered fish, ... also very attractive.

** Address reference: Seafood shop No. 65 Truong Van Ly, Duc Long, Phan Thiet.


What do you buy as a gift from Mui Ne tourism?  Dried seafood is a meaningful gift in Mui NeTypes of dried seafood in Mui Ne


4. Milk nuggets

Known as a specialty cake in Mui Ne , so nuggets and milk are also an ideal gift for relatives and friends at home. Previously, this cake was mainly used on Tet holidays, used as gifts. But with the development of the current tourism industry in Mui Ne, milk nuggets are also used as a popular gift for travelers to buy. Cake prices range from 20 - 30k / bag.

** To buy milk nuggets, you can find them at any specialty shops that sell Mui Ne . However, if you want to explore the process of creating milk nuggets with your own eyes, you can visit: Ong Tho Milk Noodle Factory, Alley 20C Dao Duy Tu, Phan Thiet.


What do you buy as a gift from Mui Ne tourism?  Milk nuggets are a practical gift in Mui NeEnjoy the milk nuggets in Mui Ne

5. Phan Thiet Fish Ball

If you are wondering what to buy as a gift from Mui Ne tourism , consider fish ball - the most famous specialty dish in Phan Thiet . Although it is not a luxury or rare dish, Phan Thiet fish ball always brings its own taste, making many diners crave. Fish cakes here are made from many types, but the best taste is still mackerel, bottled fish, termite fish, and snakehead fish. Depending on the taste, you choose to buy the kind of fish ball that you love. The price of Phan Thiet fish cakes ranges from 150-200k / kg.

** Address to buy the best Phan Thiet fish ball you can refer to: Phan Thiet Market.


What do you buy as a gift from Mui Ne tourism?  Fish ball - a gift to buy when coming to Mui NePhan Thiet Fish Ball - A gift you should buy when coming to Mui Ne


6. Cakes

One more choice for visitors to buy gifts, which is banh mi - The most popular cake of the people here. The cakes are deep fried, when ripe, fragrant and crispy, fatty, making anyone who eats once will remember forever. This cake dish is quite cheap, only about 15 - 30k / 10.

** Address reference:

- Phan Thiet Market

- Buy from street vendors

- Traditional craft villages


What do you buy as a gift from Mui Ne tourism?  Cakes - A gift to buy when coming to Mui NeAttractive taste of various kinds of cakes


7. Dragon fruit

What do you buy as a gift from Mui Ne tourism? Phan Thiet is known as the 'kingdom of dragon fruits', so if you have a chance to come to Mui Ne, Phan Thiet do not miss this meaningful gift. The dragon fruits here always ensure freshness, sweetness, always proud to lead in quality. There are two main types of dragon fruit here, which are white flesh dragon fruit with sweet, mild sour taste and red flesh dragon fruit with sweet and fragrant flavor. In particular, red flesh dragon fruit is much more expensive than white flesh dragon fruit. The dragon fruits grown here are quite large, with prices ranging from 15 - 30k / kg.

** Address to buy dragon fruit: You can go to Phan Thiet market or other markets for sale.


What do you buy as a gift from Mui Ne tourism?  Dragon fruit - A gift you should buy when coming to Mui NeThe famous red dragon fruit in Mui Ne


8. Phan Thiet fish sauce

Referring to Phan Thiet specialties, no one is unaware of the famous famous fish sauce here. With a strong flavor, high protein content and quality assurance from the selection of ingredients to the processing to create a finished product. In particular, Phan Thiet fish sauce is created according to an esoteric recipe, so it has a unique, delicious taste that is nowhere to be found. The price of Phan Thiet fish sauce ranges from 80-200k / liter.

** Address reference:

- Phan Thiet Market

- The craft villages making fish sauce such as: Thanh Hai, Mui Ne, Ham Tien, ...


What do you buy as a gift from Mui Ne tourism?  Fish sauce - A gift to buy when coming to Mui NeFamous Phan Thiet fish sauce