Bag the Phan Thiet specialties 'deliciously painful'

In Phan Thiet tourism, in addition to delicious soy sauce, there are many Phan Thiet specialties that are both popular, simple, and extremely delicious.

After going out to visit unique and interesting destinations in Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan, visitors do not forget to enjoy typical delicious dishes. Each dish has its own attractive flavor, making anyone who tasted it once tasted unrelenting. The famous Phan Thiet specialties below will make it easier for you to explore the unique cuisine of this sunny and windy land.


1. Fish cake soup

Fish cake soup is one of Phan Thiet specialties that you should not miss. The cake is delicious, sweet, seductive from color, ingredients to taste. Sweet broth is stewed from pork bones, fish, mushrooms. The fiber of banh canh is loose, cloudy, and the fish cake is chewy, sweet and spicy. You can use one more crispy sandwich to dab it together. With the price of only 15,000-30,000 VND, you can enjoy a big bowl of Phan Thiet fish cake soup "chù bu".


banh canh-cha-caThe cake is delicious, sweet, seductive from color, ingredients to taste.


2. Phan Thiet Quang Noodles

Not as famous as the quang noodle dish in Quang Nam, but Phan Thiet also has a very unique taste that you should taste. Especially, this dish is eaten with duck instead of pork. A bowl of Phan Thiet Quang Noodles is standardized with each piece of soft and fatty duck meat, combined with the spicy taste of chili, the pulp of peanuts and herbs served. Enjoying while still hot in the air, cool of the sea is nothing more wonderful. Food is quite affordable price from 25,000-40,000 VND / bowl.


mi-ray-vitPhan Thiet duck noodles.


3. Phan Thiet pancakes

If you still wonder if you do not know which Phan Thiet specialties are delicious, try the hot pancakes, "blowing while eating". Unlike Western pancakes, Phan Thiet pancakes are small by hand, the hot and crispy crust is made from rice flour, and is filled with familiar ingredients such as pork, shrimp, and squid. When eating, soaked in peanut fish sauce, spicy, spicy chili.


ball-xeoPhan Thiet pancake


4. Phan Thiet cake

Beside banh xeo, banh can is also a not very strange dish for locals and tourists when visiting Phan Thiet. This dish is simple, popular, but must say "great cat". Banh can is served with a variety of fish sauce such as fish sauce with fish, fat-rich fish sauce, meatball fish sauce, minced mango fish sauce, ...


ball-canPhan Thiet cake


ball-can-2The cake is cast in beautiful small molds.


5. Ink teeth

Squid tooth is not only a specialty dish of Phan Thiet but also a snack, a drink that is very popular with customers. There are many ways of processing with squid teeth such as grilled, stir-fried, steamed ginger, deep fried, ... Served with all kinds of pickles, coriander, salt and green pepper, fragrant to create the flavor. I can't resist it.


rang-mucAttractive grilled squid teeth.


rang-muc-2Steamed squid teeth


6. Fish spring rolls

Traveling to Phan Thiet, remember to immediately enjoy the excellent delicious fish spring rolls. Unlike other types of spring rolls in other places, Phan Thiet spring rolls are filled with fish and cassava tubers, Binh Thuan's specialty rice paper rolls then deep-fried, crispy yellow. Spring rolls served with raw vegetables, eggs, spring rolls, spring rolls, dipped in fish sauce with fragrant peanut sauce. It is both delicious and delicious, so once you have enjoyed it, you have to crave a few books continuously.


Fish spring rolls


7. Rice paper coated with shrimp paste

Shrimp sauce cake is also on the list of Phan Thiet specialties that you must try. The crust used is a type of thick sesame rice paper, with a special sauce of Binh Thuan sea. Then add the fillings such as butter, eggs, rolls, spring rolls, scallions, ... Therefore, the rice paper roll here is also referred to as the Vietnamese pizza version. 

On cold rainy days, enjoying a hot, fragrant and fragrant rice paper roll, chatting with close friends will be a wonderful and memorable experience.


ball-page-waterGrilled rice paper with shrimp sauce.


Grilled rice paper with shrimp paste - Vietnamese-style pizza.


8. Bread waiting

Bread everywhere, but coming to Phan Thiet, this kind of cake suddenly becomes a specialty. Attractive cake with a variety of cakes such as tiny commercial, pork, eggs, fried rolls and steamed rolls. Crispy hot crust, add a little black soy sauce, served with vegetables, melon, fat water, sweet spicy chili sauce to create a delicious dish that is hard to resist. This famous bakery shop is located at the Le Hong Phong bridge, facing the market at the corner of the roundabout, always crowded, so you want to enjoy it, you have to be a little patient. 


ball-miCrispy hot bread, filled with mounds.


9. Fish ball hotpot

specialty dish of Phan Thiet typical of the sea is the grouper hotpot. The hot pot dish is rich in sour-spicy-salty-sweet flavors, eye-catching colors and fresh and delicious cobia ingredients make the dish extremely attractive. Hotpot served with vermicelli and vegetables such as bitter vegetables, banana, water spinach, ... Add a cup of traditional chili fish sauce is delicious. 


laundromatCobia hotpot


To make your trip to Phan Thiet with friends and relatives more attractive and complete, you should make a staple of Phan Thiet specialties as suggested above. There are also many other unique delicacies waiting for you to discover and enjoy.