'Throat' with super delicious snacks in Phan Thiet

Traveling to Phan Thiet, you are not only satisfied with the natural landscape, have fun playing, swimming at beautiful beaches, but also have the opportunity to enjoy a lot of attractive dishes. Here are suggestions for the most famous and delicious snacks in Phan Thiet that you can refer to.

Delicious snacks in Phan Thiet


1. Unique but delicious squid teeth

What to eat when coming to Phan Thiet? The first suggestion for travelers when coming here is squid teeth. Although it is just a popular dish, the price is about 15-20k / plate, but anyone who enjoys squid teeth once will wholeheartedly praise it. The rich flavor, the aroma of seafood, when put in your mouth, you will feel the crunchy, crunchy taste. In general, coming here without enjoying squid teeth - This attractive Phan Thiet snack will be a pity. With squid teeth, there are many ways to cook, but the most delicious must be mentioned: Fried squid teeth, spicy grilled, steamed beer, .... 


Squid teeth - Snacks in Phan ThietEnjoy super delicious and attractive grilled squid teeth


Suggestions for a place to eat delicious squid teeth in Phan Thiet:

  • Loan squid tooth shop: Located at 202 Vo Thi Sau, Phan Thiet.
  • Nguyen Tat Thanh street area.
  • Ca Ty river bank


2. Banh beo – Young people's favorite food

Perhaps for many women, banh beo is a familiar name and a favorite dish of many people. This dish is sold mainly at street vendors on the streets of Phan Thiet and if you want to discover the culinary quintessence of this tourist city, don't miss the banh beo dish. In Phan Thiet, banh beo is divided into two main types, which are savory and sweet pancakes. With savory pancakes, it is usually prepared with a variety of fillings, typically: shrimp meat, green beans, ... and served with a special broth. And pineapple-flavored cakes, often eaten with sesame salt. Because it is a famous snack in Phan Thiet , when enjoying this dish, you will find that almost every restaurant is crowded. A serving of banh beo here only ranges from 20-25k/person.


Banh beo - The most popular snack in Phan ThietA plate of delicious and beautiful banh beo


Suggestions for the most delicious, crowded place to eat banh beo in Phan Thiet:

  • Hue Han cake shop: Located at 170 Tuyen Quang, Phu Thuy, Phan Thiet.
  • Banh beo shop: No. 249 Thu Khoa Huan, Phan Thiet.


3. Rolled rice paper rolls

Another delicious and irresistible snack in Phan Thiet for you is the sticky rice paper roll. The main ingredients to create this dish are: Mam ruoc, hard-boiled quail eggs, crispy and greasy toppings, fragrant scallions, ... and indispensable is rice paper. The most special feature of this dish is in the outer shell, because to create a delicious dish they will have to use a cake that is dried with frost to create a certain plasticity. When enjoying, all ingredients blend together, bringing a delicious yet strange taste. Guaranteed to eat once, you will want to come back and enjoy it a second time.


Flexible rice paper rolls - Snacks in Phan ThietThe taste of sticky rice paper makes many customers fall in love


Suggestions for places to eat sticky rice paper rolls in Phan Thiet:

  • Tran Hung Dao street.
  • Thu Khoa Huan Street.
  • Tam Bien crossroads.


4. Sweet potato stew – A rustic dish of Phan Thiet

What to eat when traveling to Phan Thiet ? Sweet potato stew is also a dish you should enjoy at least once. In particular, stewed sweet potatoes are the 'childhood food' of the people here, so to enjoy this dish is not too difficult, you can find them all over the streets, especially in areas near schools or schools. amusement parks. To prepare a stewed sweet potato dish is quite simple, first one needs to choose really good potatoes. Then peel and cut into medium thin slices, then dry. Next, sweet potatoes will be stewed with sugar water and pureed. The aromatic, sweet taste of sweet potatoes has conquered many travelers' palates and has become a favorite delicacy in Phan Thiet .


Stewed sweet potatoes - Snacks in Phan ThietTraveling to Phan Thiet must definitely enjoy stewed sweet potatoes!


Suggested places to sell stewed sweet potatoes in Phan Thiet: Sell many school areas, amusement parks, park gates, ... a lot of them are sold.


5. Pancakes

Among the delicious and attractive snacks in Phan Thiet, banh xeo is also a dish that many people seek. Unlike banh beo in other places made with a large size, the cake here is made quite small with just the hand, but the flavor makes many people fall in love. Phan Thiet pancakes are made according to a recipe from the Central region, but they create a distinct feature, which is what makes the dish a success. Besides, in addition to the traditional flavor, with shrimp and meat filling, banh xeo in Phan Thiet also has a finely minced duck meat filling, to create a novelty for the dish.


Pancakes - Snacks in Phan ThietPhan Thiet pancakes have never disappointed diners


Suggestions for delicious and famous banh xeo restaurants in Phan Thiet:

  • Cay Phuong pancake shop: Located at 49 Tuyen Quang, Binh Hung, Phan Thiet.
  • Auntie Ba's pancake shop: No. 56, Nguyen Phuc Nguyen, Phu Thuy, Phan Thiet.


6. Can cake dish

No need to be fussy, or use expensive ingredients, but banh can is still on the list of snacks in Phan Thiet that should not be missed . Unlike Da Lat's famous banh can, which is impressed by the attractive meat and shrimp filling, Phan Thiet's banh can conquers diners by its rich dipping sauce. Here there are many choices for you such as: char siu dipping sauce, mixed dipping sauce, ... but the most delicious and favorite is braised fish sauce. The special thing here is that the sauce is not fishy at all, because the fish is de-fished and simmered for many hours, so the broth is quite rich. With Phan Thiet cake, you will easily find it in roadside hawkers, sidewalk restaurants selling a lot.


Can cake - Snack food in Phan ThietDiscover Phan Thiet cuisine, don't miss the banh can


Suggestions for banh can restaurants in Phan Thiet:

  • Lan Nguyet cake shop: Located at 8 Hai Thuong Lan Ong, Phu Trinh, Phan Thiet.
  • Duyen cake shop: No. 80 Vo Van Kiet, Phu Thuy, Phan Thiet.
  • Can cake shop: No. 338 Huynh Thuc Khang, Mui Ne, Phan Thiet.


7. The cake asked for the pig's heart

Is a specialty in Phan Thiet , so please take the time to enjoy this pork belly cake at least once. True to its name, this dish is served with pork intestines, raw vegetables, rice paper and a special dipping sauce. When you put the cake in your mouth, the unique and cool taste makes many diners who eat it once and remember it forever.


Pancakes asking for pork intestines - Snacks in Phan ThietEnjoy the pork belly cake


Suggestions for a restaurant to eat delicious pork belly cake in Phan Thiet:

  • Phu Long cake shop: Located on Highway 28, Ham Chinh, Ham Thuan Bac, Binh Thuan.
  • Thuan Phat pork belly cake: Phu Long Center, Ham Thuan Bac, Binh Thuan.
  • Cake asked Dong Khanh: No. 40 Tran Phu, Duc Nghia, Phan Thiet.