This youth held hands together to check-in throughout Phan Thiet

If someone asks, where do you want to go this summer? I will not hesitate to answer that traveling in Phan Thiet is really worth it, guys!

This youth is very short, why not hold hands and check-in all over Phan Thiet, record the footprints in all parts of your country, right? With Vietnam Travelers , review this extremely impressive and lovely Phan Thiet tour !


travel-travel-phan-thiet-5Traveling to Phan Thiet, a land of sunshine - wind and sand

Phan Thiet or in particular Mui Ne is located more than 200km from Saigon. Equivalent to 4-5 hours traveling by bus. 

Transportation: from Saigon people have 2 choices (train or car)

- If you take the train, you can buy a ticket at the Saigon station (the fare is slightly higher than the ticket to a passenger car, people can book online on the Vietnam Railway page). Going by train is more spoiled for sightseeing, but there is one limitation that the train will only stop at Phan Thiet station and then from Phan Thiet to Mui Ne you need to go by taxi, the price fluctuates 150k per turn.


travel-travel-phan-thiet-7Jeep ride on sand dunes

- Car: There are Phuong Trang car companies, or Thanh Buoi cars, there are many trips a day, ticket price is 130k / person. When the car is running, the garage will ask for the name of the hotel you stop, so you just need to explode the specific address, then sleep in the car, near the hotel they will notify you to get off. Travel by bus will take about 4-5 hours to arrive.


travel-travel-phan-thiet-2You will love going crazy when you explore this land


Where to go when traveling to Phan Thiet?


The central street of Mui Ne is Nguyen Dinh Chieu, resorts and hotels Phan Thiet  often gather here. Depending on the financial - economic situation, you can book the appropriate room, but if you do not think about the price, you should just book a room at the resort because there is a swimming pool and near the sea. Of course, the service and the interior are called too satisfied, so don't worry!

Or if you need a cheap, economical getaway, you can check out Homestay Song Ngoc! Only 59k / person with dorm beds for large groups and 149k for single rooms 9 can stay for 2 people. 


travel-travel-phan-thiet-1The land with white sand stretches from the sea to the hills

This homestay also has the cheapest car rental service in Phan Thiet. Oh forget, Song Ngoc also has a waterfront view to catch the sea breeze, in front of the Home is a park and a terrace where you can hold a BBQ party for a large group of people, you can set up a night squid fishing team in Phan Thiet, remember to book. through the host, ask them to book a squid fishing tour. Contact phone number: 0962103737 (English Vietnamese). The homestay address is located at A6-15 Nguyen Huu Tien - P. Thanh Hai - Phan Thiet City, the whole family.


Schedule to visit tourist attractions in Phan Thiet


Traveling to Phan Thiet - Mui Ne , what to play? This is an attractive universe of sights. Mui Ne is famous for its white sand, red sand, fishing village and fairy stream.

In fact, if you do not have much time, you can skip the fairy stream, and visit Phan Thiet specialties which are endless white sand dunes.


travel-travel-phan-thiet-3Visit the sand hill on a sunny afternoon

Moving to these sites, you can choose to go by motorbike, taxi or jeep. Motorbike rental price by day fluctuates 100k / day, excluding gasoline. If you book a taxi or a jeep, there is a separate tour for the 4 points mentioned above. The price for a taxi is from 500-550k for a 4-seater car and a jeep if you go retail is $ 4 / person (will join with other tourists), if you go with a family or a large group, you can book the whole package for 700k. Note that going out to book will be cheaper than you book through the hotel service!


di-travel-travel-phan-thietDrop your figure under the blue water of the sea

After going 4 points above you can go to Tien Dat mineral bath, if you ever go to Nha Trang, you will be a little bit disappointed because the landscape here is not as beautiful as Iresort, but for the tourism industry is just emerging. Phan Thiet's recent development, you should still give it a try! Also a memorable experience for those who have not tried mud baths.

After going out, what will we eat?

Traveling to Phan Thiet is a sea area, of course, you will eat seafood only, but there are not many other options. In addition, if you like local cuisine, you can go into the city and enjoy local specialties such as shrimp pancakes, cakes, banh canh, ... very cheap prices.


travel-travel-phan-thiet-4Visiting Tien Dat mineral springs

If you eat seafood, you should try Bibo, remember BiBo, everyone, don't listen to the taxi drivers and choose different goods because they all match the driver with the driver, everyone takes the customer. Next, they give 100k money to invite guests. Therefore, just go to eat according to the review, be consistent with your decision and force the driver to become a BiBo restaurant, no matter what they say, they will not agree!

About snacks: In the afternoon, there are banh canh near Ham Tien primary school and Ngoc Quynh pancake (or Nhu Quynh) near Ham Tien market for those who love these items in the North of the South.


travel-travel-phan-thiet-6Summer then pick up your suitcase and go now!

After eating and drinking , then it is time to buy gifts for relatives: actually Phan Thiet specialties only include Re cakes, dried seafood and fish sauce. So if it's not convenient, you don't need it, or buy souvenirs such as keychains, print shirts bearing the Phan Thiet logo!

At the end of the memorable tour of Phan Thiet , do not forget to send Vietnam Travel Experiences, beautiful photos of trips in the country and around the world! Share to get more back, for you to travel behind packed many useful experiences for your travel itinerary!