Suggest fun camping sites in Phan Thiet

Phan Thiet is famous for its beautiful blue sea, white sand, and golden sunshine. At the same time, there are also many ideal stops to organize picnics, picnics, and camping trips. If you are interested and are planning to experience new things on your trip, do not miss the camping sites in Phan Thiet suggested below.

Check list of camping sites in Phan Thiet


1. Camping at Cam Binh beach – Lagi

Is there any weekend camping in Phan Thiet? Cam Binh - Lagi is the perfect suggestion for you. Not too far from the center of Phan Thiet city, only about 70km, so moving is quite easy. Coming to Cam Binh, you will find a fresh and airy space, surrounded by white sand beaches, above are green grass where you can set up tents and camp. What would be more wonderful than standing in the middle of the forest, organizing fun activities and enjoying a seafood BBQ party right here? More specifically, in the evening you also have a campfire to dance, sing together, very interesting. Therefore, immediately save this camping site in Phan Thiet in your trip calendar.


Cam Binh – Lagi - Camping site in Phan ThietAn interesting picnic journey when setting up a tent and camping in Cam Binh - Lagi


2. Camping at Ham Thuan Lake – Da Mi

With a convenient location, about 80km from Phan Thiet city is Ham Thuan Lake. An ideal destination to organize weekend picnic activities. Here, you can choose a suitable location around the lake to camp. Then going to the area near the dam to visit the operating machinery here is also an interesting experience. The space at the lake is cool and pleasant, but in the evening the temperature is chilly due to the steam rising from the lake. Therefore, if you camp overnight here, please bring long-sleeved blouses.


Ham Thuan - Da Mi - Camping site in Phan ThietHam Thuan Lake - Da Mi is the ideal picnic spot during the weekend


When choosing this camping site in Phan Thiet , visitors should note that they should go by motorbike. Because the way to the lake has to go through quite difficult passes and mountains, it will be more difficult to travel by large and bulky vehicles. In addition, prepare yourself food and drinks to organize a campfire and grill food here.

3. Camping in Mui Yen

Not only is a tourist destination in Phan Thiet, but Mui Yen is also a great camping spot for the weekend. Owning a wild, poetic natural space and peaceful beauty, this will be an ideal relaxation and stress reliever. In particular, with this camping site in Phan Thiet , visitors should choose the time in the rainy season. Because at this time, the trees are green, the whole Mui Yen is dressed in an impressive green shirt of the grass. Camping here, visitors can wake up early in the morning to catch the sunrise or watch the sunset in the afternoon. You are lucky enough to see flocks of swiftlets flying in flocks. Guaranteed, the natural space in Mui Yen will not disappoint you in your decision.


Camping in Mui Yen - Camping site in Phan Thiet
Experience the evening when camping in Mui Yen

4. Camping at Ke Ga Lighthouse

If you are looking for a beautiful and romantic camping address in Phan Thiet , do not miss the Ke Ga Lighthouse area. The way to get here is quite simple, you can ride a motorbike to the place, then choose a location with a nice view to set up a tent. The wide beach, the flat green grass, and the large stones are images you will easily notice when coming to Ke Ga Lighthouse. Plugging in here you can make a trip at any time, but the dry season and the jellyfish season are the two most suitable times for you to have more interesting experiences.


Ke Ga Lighthouse - Camping site in Phan ThietExperience camping at Ke Ga Lighthouse full of fun


When you come here, you can prepare tents right from home to save money. Or you can also rent tents around the Ke Ga Lighthouse area for about 300k / tent of 6 people. If you want to visit the island, it will cost another 50k/person/canoe ticket and 50k/person/ticket to the island.


5. Camping in Cu Lao Cau

The most popular camping site in Phan Thiet is probably Cu Lao Cau- Famous tourist destination in Binh Thuan. This island is uninhabited, so it still retains its original wild beauty. Arriving at Cu Lao Cau, you will see, the clear blue sea see the bottom, you can immerse yourself in the cool water here to have fun, swim or participate in scuba diving activities to see the coral. Above the sea are large rocks, with different unique shapes, interspersed with fine white sand, which is an ideal place to create beautiful photos. In addition to exploring the natural landscape in Cu Lao Cau beach, a seafood BBQ party right at the beach will be a great thing that visitors should not miss. Fresh food, romantic scenery, what's better, right? I am sure, a camping picnic on Cu Lao Cau beach will bring you many memorable memories.


Cu Lao Cau - Camping site in Phan Thiet
On weekends, Cu Lao Cau attracts a large number of tourists to camp
At the end of a hard and tiring working week, a picnic with family and friends on weekends will be meaningful. So, hopefully with the above suggestions, you will choose the right camping site in Phan Thiet for you. Have fun!