Name the most interested traditional festivals in Phan Thiet

Phan Thiet is a favorite stop of many domestic and foreign tourists. This tourist city is not only famous for its beautiful beaches, poetic natural landscape, but also impressed by its unique cultural features. And this article will introduce you to the most famous traditional festivals in Phan Thiet, do not miss.

Discover the most unique traditional festivals in Phan Thiet


1. Yen Bridge Festival

It is one of the traditional festivals in Phan Thiet , held annually by the Cham people in the early January of the Cham calendar. This festival takes place in all villages, in ethnic areas and takes place for 3 days and 3 nights, bringing a lively and bustling atmosphere. The meaning of this festival is to send off bad things, bad luck of the old year, and welcome good things in the coming year. The ceremony is usually held at dusk and after that time there are special music, dance and music programs of the Cham people. Besides, you can also participate in a very special boating activity.


Cau Yen Festival - Traditional festival in Phan ThietCeremony at Cau Yen festival


2. Kate Festival

Festival culture in Phan Thiet is quite diverse, of which the most impressive is probably the Kate festival. This festival is held on July 1 of the Cham calendar and takes place mainly in temples and towers. The scale of the festival is quite large, lasting up to 5 days. And it is known that the Kate festival is like the New Year's Day of the people here, to commemorate the heroes and kings who have contributed to the country. Along with the deified gods such as: Poklong Garai, Porome,,….


Kate Festival - Traditional festival in Phan ThietAttractive cultural activities at Kate festival


Participating in this traditional festival in Phan Thiet , you will learn the unique culture and customs here. See the performance of the ceremony, with traditional dances, along with many other entertainment activities that take place during the Kate festival.


3. Boat racing festival

Are you wondering if there are any special and interesting festivals in Phan Thiet ? So if you have the opportunity, don't miss the boat racing festival that takes place on the 2nd day of the Lunar New Year. This exciting activity takes place on Ca Ty River, is one of the traditional festivals in Phan Thiet for a long time, is an indispensable spiritual dish in the early days of the new year of the people here. In the jubilant atmosphere, tens of thousands of people from all over the world flock to Ca Ty River to see the racing boats. The cheers, the enthusiastic waving of the fans, making the space around the riverside seem to be resounding with bustling melodies to welcome the new year.


Boat racing festival - Traditional festival in Phan Thiet
Boat racing in Phan Thiet is the most anticipated festival

4. Cau Ngu Festival

It is known that Cau Ngu festival is an activity associated with the life of the people on the central coast. It is an event that recreates the worshiping ceremony of Ong fish according to an extremely impressive legend. Attending this festival you will learn a lot of interesting folklore. In addition, you can also experience interesting activities and folk games such as boat racing, basket swinging, song hut singing, etc. Guaranteed. Participating in Cau Ngu festival - This traditional festival in Phan Thiet , visitors will have a lot of interesting experiences and memorable memories.


Cau Ngu Festival - Traditional festival in Phan ThietImmerse yourself in the warm atmosphere of Cau Ngu festival


5. Nghinh Ong Festival

Nghinh Ong is one of the unique festivals of the Chinese people in Phan Thiet . This festival is held every 2 years with the meaning of bringing peace and happiness to the people. It is known that this festival is to commemorate Quan Cong, so it brings a lot of culture and folk beliefs. In particular, there are traditional cultural values ​​up to 200 years that are still preserved at Nghinh Ong festival.


Nghinh Ong Festival - Traditional festival in Phan ThietJoining Nghinh Ong festival will bring you many memorable experiences


When the festival is held, a parade will take place, with 4 Chinese guilds: Fujian, Guangzhou, Hainan and finally Chaozhou. Each guild will bring their own traditional costumes, transforming into famous historical figures such as: Quan Cong, Truong Phi, Bat Tien, Tien Nu, Te Thien Dai Thanh Ton Ngo Khong, Quan The Bodhisattva sound…. Along with the largest dragon dragon performance in Vietnam.


6. Dinh Thay Thim Festival

The last traditional festival in Phan Thiet that luhanhvietnam would like to introduce is the Dinh Thay Thim festival. Although this is not a big or special festival, it attracts the attention of many tourists. Perhaps because of the charming natural scenery, many people are fascinated and want to attend the ceremony of Dinh Thay Thim.


Dinh Thay Thim Festival - Traditional festival in Phan ThietParade and palanquin procession at Dinh Thay Thim festival


In the festive atmosphere, you will see that there are still many activities taking place with nuances of folk beliefs. And the people here believe that Master Thim is very sacred, so the sincerity will bring them luck, peace, and whatever they want. The time of Dinh Thay Thim festival is from September 14 to 16 of the lunar calendar every year.