Marvel at the 'unique' beauty of Mui Ne Suoi Tien

Not only there are romantic green beaches with white sand, golden sunshine or desert-like desert sand dunes, but Phan Thiet also captivates visitors with the mysterious pink color of Mui Ne Suoi Tien.

Referring to the stream, people immediately think of the white water flowing down from the cliffs and gurgling through the rocky ravines, however, for those who once set foot in Ham Tien, Mui Ne Ward, Phan City Thiet, Binh Thuan province, will have to change that mind immediately because of the unique beauty of Suoi Tien here.


The beauty is like a fairy tale place of Suoi Tien Mui Ne

Not an immense sand hill like a desert sub-desert, not a beautiful, clear, charming beach - things that are considered "specialties" of Phan Thiet, also have no clear water. Tien Stream in Mui Ne with vibrant red and orange color is always a destination not to be missed in Phan Thiet tours .


Marvel at the 'unique' beauty of Mui Ne Suoi TienThe stream of water has a unique pink color, so it is also called Suoi Hong (Photo @ lily.nguyenth)


Besides, the water here is only tattooed on the surface to reach the ankle, the deepest places reach the knee, always smooth, smooth, but those who have once enjoyed the coolness at once. Soaking your feet in the stream will feel so hot, tired, and anxious like disappearing.


Marvel at the 'unique' beauty of Mui Ne Suoi TienThe water is not deep, only tattooed ankles (Photo @chinspeedy)


However, if you want to feel all the "unique", "strange" of this place, you must patiently explore every corner of more than 2km of stream by taking off sandals and walking barefoot in the water.

After the first 200 meters, it is relatively difficult to go, you will be satisfied with the image of thousands of colorful sand stalactites, worn by the wind and rain "workers" into many different shapes: Ancient tower, which is like a forgotten citadel… wild but strange.


Marvel at the 'unique' beauty of Mui Ne Suoi TienBeautiful pink - orange - white sand grains (Photo @ women.wanderlust)


Especially when these stalactites change shape continuously year by year, day by day, or even hour by hour, with each visit to Suoi Tien Mui Ne resort you will see a work of art again. new, unique and more impressive.


Marvel at the 'unique' beauty of Mui Ne Suoi TienMany strange shapes cannot take their eyes off (Photo @ _lyn.251)


When you reach the top of the hill, you can capture the majestic and sparkling beauty of Suoi Hong in sight, with a row of green coconuts swaying in the wind, and on the other side are golden castles. Underfoot is stalactite exposed as if he wanted to catch all the gold from the sun.


Marvel at the 'unique' beauty of Mui Ne Suoi TienThe harmonious combination of sandy beaches and cool green trees (Photo @maxmad__)


Not only that, but nature also extremely favors Suoi Tien Mui Ne a white waterfall, surrounded by the poetic purple of hyacinths, the brilliant yellow of the pistils and the luscious green. open trees, creating a beautiful scenery like a fairyland. No wonder everyone who comes here is so infatuated.


Marvel at the 'unique' beauty of Mui Ne Suoi TienThe waterfall is clear and beautiful (Photo @nguyentranlousia)


Most unique is that the water flowing here is likened to the miracle that the god gives, because in this dry area suddenly appears a cool stream like flowing down from a distant desert, perhaps. Therefore, the name Suoi Tien also came into being. 


Marvel at the 'unique' beauty of Mui Ne Suoi Tien(Photo @susubona)


It can be said that the wonder and mystery of this place is something that is not available everywhere and even if you want to explore for life, it is not possible to end here.

Activities not to be missed at Suoi Tien Mui Ne

Besides sightseeing excursions, you can also comfortably pose and take pictures of virtual life, because every corner here is beautiful and charming.


Marvel at the 'unique' beauty of Mui Ne Suoi TienAny corner also gives you a shimmering virtual live picture (Photo @joy_nhungnguyen)


Marvel at the 'unique' beauty of Mui Ne Suoi TienA virtual life corner of thousands of people love (Photo @ bb51123)


In addition, while traveling, you can see that on both sides of Suoi Tien Mui Ne street   there are many small stalls of women, sisters selling Phan Thiet specialties such as rice paper, fish sauce, cake. grilled coated rice, ... not only beautiful but also extremely delicious, so why don't you just come down to enjoy it? Or simply walking while sipping a cool coconut is not bad either.

In addition, you can also go to the nearby farm to test the ostriches, go to Hon Rom to swim in the sea or go to the sand dunes to fly to Mui Ne to play sand ski ... will definitely be an unforgettable memory.


The best time to visit Tien Suoi Mui Ne

Suoi Tien Mui Ne amusement park is a tourist destination that you can visit all year round because any season will have its own unique beauty. Spring is the brilliant color of the blooming flowers, summer is cool, refreshing, autumn is a golden space when the leaves are already yellow and when winter comes, you will admire the Stalactites with different strange shapes, constantly changing by monsoons.


Marvel at the 'unique' beauty of Mui Ne Suoi TienEach season has a different beauty (Photo @__yuniie)


However, the ideal time of day for you to explore this stream is in the early morning or at sunset because the weather is quite cool, you will not be tired and uncomfortable by the sun. 


How to move to Tien Stream in Mui Ne

Tien Stream Mui Ne is about 20km northeast of Phan Thiet city center and 4km from Mui Ne market but located in a rather hidden location behind sand dunes, so if you don't know the way, then after coming to Huynh Thuc Khang street You have to ask the people on the road so they can show you the way.


Some notes when visiting Tien Suoi Mui Ne

- The ticket price to visit the stream is 15k / person.

- When you arrive at the parking lot, you should always send personal belongings and shoes for 5k to easily explore the stream. 

- Should wear long-sleeved clothes, wide-brimmed hats to avoid sun damage, the better the sunscreen. It is also possible to bring extra water to energize long journeys for savings.

Traveling in Phan Thiet without visiting Suoi Tien Mui Ne  , your trip will be extremely flawed.