Have fun with your friends to the wharf in Phan Thiet - Binh Thuan

Only 2 days with friends traveling to Binh Thuan, what should I do for chill here? Join Vietnam Travelers to explore the brilliant land in the summer sun!

First of all, thank you dear friends who have unanimously determined to go for a burning summer, thanks to you, the trip becomes more and more perfect. Traveling to Binh Thuan , going alone will be difficult, dear!


du-lich-binh-thuan-2_1Go all over Binh Thuan with my best friends

Start the trip from Saigon at 23 o'clock and arrive at Phan Thiet - Binh Thuan at 3 am by car Tam Hanh, with ticket price 120,000 VND / person.


Where to stay when traveling to Binh Thuan?


You can choose to stay in a hotel, or the super-lovely coastal homestay. Or suggest the whole family a great place to rest at Shades Resort, which is located in the middle of famous destinations of Binh Thuan . Clean, airy rooms, friendly and enthusiastic service.


travel-lich-binh-thuan-5In the lovely resort located right on the beach

In addition, the resort also serves a buffet breakfast with sea view, free drinking water, tea & coffee in the room and of course, on the right occasion, there is a pretty good discount. You can contact reservations by phone number 02523743236. This resort is located at 98A Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Ham Tien Ward, Phan Thiet City.


travel-lich-binh-thuan-3This youth, definitely with the chill friends everywhere




Motorbike rental in Phan Thiet is from 100-150k per day. But if you go crowded, you can rent a Jeep to move or bring a lot of bulky items, the Jeep is the perfect choice. Car rental is 500k / 4 hours / 4-5 people.


travel-lich-binh-thuanThis summer must definitely chill in Binh Thuan


2-day tour of Binh Thuan


Day 1: Enjoy the coast - Suoi Tien - Bau Trang - Red Sand Dunes

Fairy Stream:

Tien Stream Mui Ne is called a stream but in fact is a small stream near Rom island in Mui Ne ward, Phan Thiet city. In order for the journey to discover Tien stream is complete, visitors should walk about 2km from Vo Nguyen Giap Street (at the beginning of the stream) to Huynh Thuc Khang street (at the end of the stream).


du-lich-binh-thuan-6Stunning all the beautiful sights of Binh Thuan

At this point, people have to keep shoes for 5-10k, then walk on a rather interesting little water slot, there are always small shops selling food, curls and souvenirs so everyone is away. fear of hunger and thirst. Ticket price for adults is 15,000 VND, for children 6,000 VND

White intercession:

Bau Trang is a freshwater lake about 62 km northeast of Phan Thiet city, the only freshwater lake in Binh Nhon commune, Hoa Da district, Binh Thuan province.


travel-lich-binh-thuan-10Check-in on the white sand hill

Red Sand Dunes:

Red Sand Dunes Mui Ne, also known as Golden Sand Dunes, is located near Hon Rom beach, Mui Ne, about 25km from Phan Thiet city. This is an attractive tourist destination in Mui Ne that tourists cannot ignore when coming to Phan Thiet.

Day 2: Ong Dia stone beach - Poshanu Cham Tower - Ta Cu mountain

Ong Dia Stone Beach:

Whenever referring to Phan Thiet, Ong Dia rocky beach is often mentioned as a familiar destination. The rocky beach is one of the beautiful beaches, still unspoiled, still associated with strange names and interesting folk tales, so it is quite attractive to visitors.


travel-trip-binh-bai-da-ongOng Dia rocky beach takes extreme photos

It is a beautiful, clear beach with rocky outcrops and rocks protruding from the sea surface, in Ham Tien ward, Phan Thiet city, Binh Thuan province, about 10km from the city center.

Ong Dia stone beach is not natural, but is associated with that name, but is a story with vivid folk colors. According to local people, before here there was a rock with a shape quite similar to the local man sitting looking at the mainland.


travel-lich-binh-thuan-7Check-in Ke Ga lighthouse

Poshanu Cham Tower:

Poshanu Cham Tower is an architectural work of the Champa kingdom with artistic, historical, cultural and architectural value, so it has gradually become an attractive tourist attraction when having the opportunity to come to Phan Thiet city.


travel-lich-binh-thuan-8Long stretch of blue coastline

The tower is 7km from Phan Thiet city, located in the ancient Ong Hoang historic site. The tower is located on Ba Na hill, Phu Hai ward. At the time of construction, the Cham tower was considered a great work and a symbol of the Kingdom of Champa at that time. The attraction of this Cham tower is the architectural and artistic quintessence of the ancient Cham people that create unique and mysterious works that today still have many things that have not been explored. Ticket price 10k / person

Ta Cu Mountain:

Ta Cu Mountain is located along National Highway 1A in Thuan Nam town, Ham Thuan Nam district, 28km south of Phan Thiet city, is a mountain climbing site, an interesting landscape of Binh Thuan province with a peak of 649m. to the sea surface. The scene here is pristine, marvelous with identical mountains, glistening ancient pagoda roofs hidden behind trees.


travel-lich-binh-thuan-1Go to Phan Thiet - Binh Thuan now!

On the top of Ta Cu mountain, there are 2 famous pagodas, Linh Son Truong Tho and Long Doan pagoda, where there are statues of Buddha Thich Ca and Nirvana Buddha in a reclining position, knees on arms, and backs against the mountain. This Reclining Buddha statue is considered one of the largest statues in Southeast Asia and has unique architectural artistic value. Cable car ticket price is 250,000 VND / person / round trip.


travel-lich-binh-thuan-9The landscape is poetic and majestic

So, at the end of 2 days of fun and fun with friends in Binh Thuan, if you do not want to have to prepare and book a room book, you can contact a cheap Binh Thuan tour to spend this summer with Lu. Vietnamese onion !