Go back to Phan Thiet cajuput leaf forest in the brilliant season

Phan Thiet cajuput forest along the coastline is buying bright gold, tourists everywhere flock to visit and check-in this rare scene difficult to find.

Surely you will be broken if you have the opportunity to visit Phan Thiet Melaleuca forest in the flowering season, which is a rare sight in the sunny and windy sea.


Acacia forest in Phan ThietCheck-in Phan Thiet Acacia leaf forest


Not only specialties with the most beautiful sea routes in Vietnam , or the deserted waters, golden sunshine, whispering wind, now Phan Thiet Acacia leaf forest is also a feverish check-in point of the online community during recent time.

The yellow Melaleuca forest is currently a "virtual living" spot that cannot be ignored for visitors to Binh Thuan. These days, all acacia forests along the coastal road from Phan Thiet to Phan Ri are in full bloom with yellow flowers, signaling the coming of summer. 


Acacia forest in Phan ThietLocated close to the coast, Acacia leaves become a specialty when Phan Thiet is in the summer


Phan Thiet Acacia forest is located adjacent to the international tourist area of ​​Ham Tien - Mui Ne, about 12 km from Phan Thiet City.

Acacia is a type of fish plant that is not tall, small flowers covered each armpit each have a flower from 4 to 7 cm long, this is a species with good drought tolerance and blooming in March to May. 4. Going along the Vo Nguyen Giap route of Phan Thiet, you can easily see the brilliant yellow color of the Acacia forest in Phan Thiet .


Acacia forest in Phan ThietLost in a dream realm like Korea

Acacia flowers usually bloom for about a month. The petals burst like a squirrel tail, with a pleasant scent when the wac wind passes. During the blooming season, the golden forests become a unique feature and a wonderful highlight of this sunny and windy land, many of you also consider the mesmerizing scenery appearing in Korean movies.


Acacia forest in Phan ThietSometimes it is like the scene of the West


Acacia leaves proudly stretching in the sun and wind, standing out against the pure white sand, creating a bright yellow space, dazzling sunlight and the blue season of the distant sea make Phan land. Thiet - Binh Thuan is more brilliant. 

This is also an extremely ideal backgroud for young people posing, on a white sand background, blue sky, bright yellow melaleuca leaves feeling like in tropical western Europe, check-in to quiz who knows the scene. This is in Vietnam again.


Acacia forest in Phan ThietBunch of acacia flowers with bright yellow leaves


More than a decade ago, the drought-tolerant tree species of Acacia and Melaleuca leaves was planted along the coastal sand dunes from Phan Thiet to Hoa Phu to exploit the timber for sale to paper companies. Phan Thiet cajuput forest has a strong vitality, flourishing in the sun and wind of Phan Thiet, so it becomes even more a symbol of visitors to visit on each occasion!


Acacia forest in Phan ThietYoung people everywhere are eager to take pictures
Acacia forest in Phan ThietCapture the scenery of a brilliant yellow Melaleuca forest


In addition, you can combine check-in acacia leaf forest to visit Mui Ne bay sand hill , typical of Phan Thiet, with iridescent sand-slopes that are carpeted like a deserted desert. Or go to Bau Trang - Bau Sen satisfied with the same beautiful scenery as the sand dunes in Dubai, stop where Poshanu Cham Tower admires the artistic architecture of the Cham people, a spiritual legacy that the ancients left. 


Acacia forest in Phan ThietAcacia leaf season becomes the hallmark of Phan Thiet tourism


Finally, we can breathe the salty taste of the sea when we come to the fishing village of Mui Ne, bring the breath of the blue sea and crowded with sellers and buyers, blending in colorful colors or baskets, to feel the rustic. , idyllic of the people here!


Acacia forest in Phan ThietNext to the thousands of sand dunes
Acacia forest in Phan ThietPeaceful seas


Come see you again, on this occasion, Phan Thiet cajuput leaf forest is glowing again, remember not to miss this scene when you conquer the most beautiful sea road in Vietnam!