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The most beautiful sea supply in Vietnam, perhaps no one is unfamiliar. Bau Trang Street, from Phan Thiet - Mui Ne, registered the map with a more spectacular view than the American film!

If you are a transfer enthusiast, you must have heard of the most beautiful sea route in Vietnam , which is the road from Phan Thiet - Mui Ne going towards Phan Rang through the white sand dunes. And if you love camping, you've probably heard about the secluded beach at the foot of Mui Dinh lighthouse, separated from the outside by a vast sand hill.


road-bien-beautiful-Vietnam-9The most beautiful sea tour in Vietnam Phan Thiet - Bau Trang

Mui Dinh is just from the city. Phan Thiet is about 130 km and you can take a trip on the most beautiful sea road in Vietnam , to find a secluded beach and enjoy a weekend in nature.


1. Seaweed on the most beautiful sea route in Vietnam


Mui Dinh is the first destination in our 16-day journey from Saigon to Da Nang and back in September 2017, and about 130 km from Phan Thiet city. During the trip, we run a circuit from Saigon - Lagi - Phan Thiet - Mui Dinh but this distance is quite far to be able to run comfortably in a day, so it is best to combine the adventure of Mui Dinh when go to Phan Thiet. You can take a motorbike to Phan Thiet (about 200 km from Saigon) or take a bus and rent a motorbike for a day to go to Mui Dinh to camp.


New-year-old-new-year-old-vietnam-minBlue sky, white clouds

We arrived in Phan Thiet around 12 noon, and started heading towards Phan Rang. The most beautiful route to cross the sea supply line in Vietnam will be Phan Thiet - Mui Ne - Bau Trang - Phan Ri Cua - Co Thach - Dam Ca Na - Mui Dinh.


2. Phan Thiet - Mui Ne - Bau Trang - Phan Ri Cua


From Phan Thiet to Mui Ne, there are 2 parallel roads, Vo Nguyen Giap street and Nguyen Dinh Chieu street. Please go to Vo Nguyen Giap Street, the newly built road, which is spacious, open and beautiful on the side of Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street.


New-year-old-girl-vietnam-4-minBinh Thuan sand wind is extremely impressive


Past Mui Ne, you will burst when the blue sea appears in front of you. If you have never experienced the feeling of riding a motorbike but one side is the sea, this will be the road to help you fulfill that wish. Overcoming the green beach, you will go up a slope and enjoy the panoramic view of nature typical of Binh Thuan wind and sand, with immense sandy areas and bushes.


Free-to-use-1-minPrepare to camp at sea

Past this section, you will come to Bau Sen - Bau Trang area and white sand hill. You can visit here to take pictures, see more tips to explore Phan Thiet . On the opposite side of the white sand hill, there is also an immense sand hill which is also suitable for taking pictures of a virtual living concept in the desert if you do not mind the sun. From here to Phan Ri Cua, you will pass the famous road with white sand dunes on both sides. The good news is that this stretch of road is as beautiful as the picture, and the sad news is that the best part is actually the best part, it only lasts for no more than ... 1 km.


New-year-old-girl-3-minThe road is vast and endless


3. Phan Ri Cua - Co Thach - Dam Ca Na - Mui Dinh


The next road from Phan Ri Cua to Co Thach, you can choose to follow NH1A or provincial road DT716. NH1A road is quite beautiful and will lead you to run through Tuy Phong wind power transformer station. If you've never seen wind power, go this way. Provincial road DT716 is a coastal road (but nothing too excellent), deserted and airy, if you do not like to run QL, then running this road is fine.


New-year-old-girl-vietnam-2-minOne side of the sea, the other a vast sand team

From Phan Ri Cua to Dam Ca Na area, the road is not so excellent, but the Dam Ca Na section is a different story. This road will lead you to run through the lagoon with a lake on both sides, then up a high pass, one side is a cliff, the other is the sea. Because we were engrossed in lapping, when we arrived at Ca Na Dam, it was late afternoon, watching the sunset on the pass. Only thing, because it was late afternoon, I had to plug in the head and run so I could not stop to see the scenery.


New-year-old-girl-husband-to-be-5-minEndless beautiful roads


4. The night of the full moon crossing the desert comes to Mui Dinh


Going through Dam Ca Na area, going a further section will come to Mui Dinh area. When coming to the entrance area of ​​Mui Dinh, there will be a row of shops on the left hand side, on the right side is a huge rock with the words Hai Dang Mui Dinh. Run the car up a bit and then turn around to park the car. I think it's fine to choose any place. We choose Ha restaurant. Keep the car in the yard (10,000 VND / unit), and the belongings and the helmet can be returned (stored in the house).


New-year-old-girl-boy-8-minCamp to watch the stars at night

Since we have been driving all day, coming here is tired, we only know how to bathe and change to cook instant noodles and go to bed. If you only go from Phan Thiet, you absolutely can go to Mui Dinh around the afternoon to have fun swimming or climbing the lighthouse. The road to the lighthouse is quite steep, but there is also a motorbike taxi service to the lighthouse for those who are lazy to walk.

5. Enjoy Mui Dinh


The next morning, after waking up in a state of mind after yesterday's trip, the two boys in the group went back to the beach, and I was too lazy to change clothes so I stopped to bake bread and boil eggs for dinner morning (out of fried eggs, so just boil it).


Mui-Dinh-Ninh-Thuan-6Morning at Mui Dinh


So the trip to discover the most beautiful sea route in Vietnam ends in the wonderful scenery of Mui Dinh. Pin the article again and join us in conquering this road!