Come with me to Phan Thiet - Mui Ne to mark a brilliant youth

Give it to me in the summer, I will record the brilliant youth with you. Trip 3 days 2 nights, Phan Thiet - Mui Ne travel adventure with clouds and sky!

You do not need to have Los Angeles (USA) but you can also check-in with the essence of summer like "boss" Tung in "Give it to me" along the trip to Phan Thiet - Mui Ne . How quality will be seen in the picture. Here is a detailed review of Anh Vu Art, so that anyone who has a plan, immediately and always in these sunny summer days !!! 


stop-and-go-lang-chai-resort-10Sunny, windy Phan Thiet


How to travel from Phan Thiet - Mui Ne?


Since Phan Thiet does not have an airport, you can fly to Ho Chi Minh City or Nha Trang from Hanoi, flight: Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh City / Nha Trang: The price ranges from 690k & only 590k when you book through a cheap airline like Jetstar plus Club Jetstar membership. You can check cheap flight tickets here!

In addition, from Ho Chi Minh City / Nha Trang to Phan Thiet you can rent a motorbike to "travel" by the sea (there are many scenes on the road to live virtual), or if you save more effort, book a passenger car, Ticket price is about 150 - 250k.


travel-travel-phan-thiet-convert-neThe road to experience marks the summer

Moving in Phan Thiet, Mui Ne, you can rent a motorbike, or take a taxi or rent a jeep as you wish. However, in my opinion, you should rent a motorbike to freely move and be more active in the schedule!

Note : Traveling in Phan Thiet - Mui Ne this season, the sun is very big and bright, so the whole family do not forget to bring long-sleeved sunscreen and sunscreen.


Detailed tour schedule Phan Thiet - Mui Ne 3 days 2 nights


Day 1:  If you take a car from early morning, then around 11:00 am to Mui Ne. 

Note: the road from Hoa Thang to Hon Rom has a speed firing station so you should slow down, usually shoot from Hon Rom to Hoa Thang. When you go, keep an eye on the symbols of the villagers traveling in the opposite direction. A sign of clapping your hands on the helmet or a dislike sign indicates a traffic station ahead.


travel-travel-phan-thiet-mui-ne-6Travel from Phan Thiet - Mui Ne to stay in a green summer

Homestay: You can refer to Co Tu Homestay as a shelter. Co Tu Homestay must be known by all the locals. The newly built room is very clean, airy, spacious, with wifi, room with both fan and air conditioning, hot water, and cooking service. 

Great price - the owner is extremely funny. Because we won on the 4th of Tet, our room was closed. It is also good news that I have booked in advance but there are only 4-person double rooms for 300k / night / 2 people but only 150k / person (Too cheap on Tet holidays compared to other places near the tourist destination). On normal days, there are many rooms, the price is much cheaper. 


travel-travel-phan-thiet-mui-ne-7The sunset was dyed red in the sky

Address: Homestay is located on DT715 street intersecting Vo Nguyen Giap, running into DT 715 about 300m, looking on the left hand side.

In addition, you also refer to another super lovely address, Stop and Go Lang Chai Resort , super suitable for you who want to experience living in the middle of Mui Ne Fishing Village!


stop-and-go-lang-chai-resortCheck out the super lovely resort of the Fishing Village

Lunch: You can have lunch near the fishing village 35k / piece (Rice + Pepsi). 
In the afternoon, you will visit the Wine Cellar of Wine Castle which is very beautiful, the view is only 100k / person, in the evening, you can watch the sunset on Ong Dia Stone Beach. 

Dinner: You refer to snacks, snacks around the area of ​​Phan Thiet city such as eating pancakes, famous specialties, delicious bags, crowded restaurants, eating a piece of banh xeo without a pay for 40k / plate. There are also many other special delicious dishes such as banh ask, banh beo, grilled spring rolls, ...


travel-travel-phan-thiet-convert-ne-2Phuong Xeo cake, it looks like a charm

Address: Cay Phuong Pancakes, 49 Tuyen Quang, Phan Thiet City.

Then go coffee cannon around the city. You can visit the Khoa Café View shop to watch the sparkling street. Drinks are quite cheap, only from 30k / glass. Have already had a drink and come back to the Homestay to sleep, anyone who likes to watch the sea at night can walk along the West Street coast, while watching the West while watching the Sea.


Watching the sunset gradually let go

Day 2:  5am, you should get up early to move to the Fishing Village to watch the sunrise, watch the indigenous people pull fish. Checkin all kinds of things, really a memorable moment when traveling to Phan Thiet - Mui Ne !

Then go to breakfast: go to Mui Ne market, many delicious dishes are up to you to choose. You can try eating seafood vermicelli, or beef noodle soup as you wish, the price ranges from 25k / bowl.


travel-travel-phan-thiet-mui-ne-5Bau Trang - the most beautiful street in Vietnam

At 8:00 am, you will move to the Homestay to clean up and check out. The next destination is the most beautiful road in Vietnam - Bau Trang. Coming to Bau Trang, everyone has to say because the road is so beautiful, 1 side of white sand, 1 side of the sea. Stop to check in at the gas station. Those who like can visit the White Sand Dunes, the view looks like the Sahara desert. 

Then continue to move to Bai Da Co Thach - Bai Da 7 Mau - Bai Roi. On the way, we went to poplar forest and had a hammock to rest + watch the sea + eat squid with salt and green pepper that the sister in Phan Thiet gave. In the afternoon, going to the moss beach to play, the low tide will meet the green moss. Wait for sunset to go through Co Thach Beach to watch, this place should go deep into the rocky area, very majestic, few people. Freedom and freedom, anyone who likes can sit around and pick up 7-color stones.


travel-travel-phan-thiet-mui-ne-8Check-in at Co Thach 7-color stone beach

In the evening, move to Xuan Thuy Guest House, located right next to the night market. Rent a double bed room at a super saving price of 150k / night, clean bag, airy bag, wifi, hot water, the owner of Mr. Son is extremely easygoing. 

After that, take a shower, go to the night market to have dinner. Here is a lot of seafood, a lot of food. We eat grilled rice paper + some other dishes but only 50k / person. Then walk to the market, buy some souvenirs for relatives.

Day 3:  In the morning, you can get up early and walk to Bai Da to watch sunrise. Go to the market for breakfast. Enjoy chicken soup bowl for 35k full, full.


travel-travel-phan-thiet-mui-ne-4Check-in Tuy Phong wind blower field

Then check out and move to the Wind Power Plant in Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan. Here, when you come in, please ask the security guard to guard me to check in so you can come in close. Spoiled that style with a giant fan of beautiful wind. 

If you do not know the way, just ask the people they will show, the people here are extremely friendly and enthusiastic. The path is in our words.

Total cost per person: 800K too economical for a memorable vacation!

+ Meals: 325k / person
+ Accommodation: 225k / person
+ Gasoline: 150k / person
+ Tickets to Wine Castle cellar: 100k / person

In addition to the above locations, you can also go to more beautiful places such as Mui Ke Ga, CocoBeach, Suoi Tien, White Sand Dunes, Sand Dunes….

Hmm, only 800k / person is too worthy in exchange for a worthwhile experience. Immediately invite the party to work together, adventure youth together, travel Phan Thiet - Mui Ne now!