Can't resist the charm of Hon Rom Phan Thiet

If you want to travel to the beach but do not like the crowded, noisy beaches of famous beaches, Hon Rom Phan Thiet is the ideal choice for you because of the wild, lyrical scenery and the extreme period is fresh, cool and peaceful.

Introduction to the Hon Rom Phan Thiet

Hon Rom is an island located right next to a pristine mountain range of the same name in Long Son, Mui Ne ward, about 25km from the center of Phan Thiet city, Binh Thuan province and about 2km from Mui Ne beach.


Can't resist the charm of Hon Rom Phan ThietA painting of a poetic friendship (Photo @susubona)


In the past, every dry season, the trees on the island were withered and turned yellow. From the sea, the island looks like a giant pile of dried straw, so people gave it a unique name "Hon Rom".

At present, Hon Rom Island still retains its pristine and natural beauty because it has just been put into operation for tourism, so it attracts a lot of tourists to relax and relax each year.


The irresistible charm of Hon Rom

Not too far from the city center, yet Hon Rom Phan Thiet wears a quiet, serene atmosphere, in contrast to the noise and bustle of the prosperous city, making anyone come here. also feel the soul becomes strangely relaxed, relaxed and at peace.

Hon Rom conquers visitors by a fairy-tale beauty with a cool 17km long, clear blue beach seen at the bottom, along with smooth white sand stretching endlessly, far away is a glaring mountain. the shore is a line of green trees swaying with the wind.


Can't resist the charm of Hon Rom Phan ThietPeaceful space with blue sea and white sand (Photo @ tien.phong)


Besides, rocks of many different shapes and sizes stretching out to the sea on the East Coast or the white, pink sand dunes like the desert embracing the green cactus bushes in the West also make the picture. This natural painting has become more attractive than ever.


Can't resist the charm of Hon Rom Phan ThietThe harmonious combination of nature (Photo @ntmy_ngoc)


Especially when all those beauties are completely natural, without the touch of a human hand, it becomes even more precious and respectable.


Interesting experience at Hon Rom Phan Thiet

It will be a huge omission if you travel to Hon Rom without swimming. Because the sea here has no macadam, the waves are very gentle, very suitable to immerse yourself in the cool water, be massaged by each wave and inhale the salty taste of the vast ocean.


Can't resist the charm of Hon Rom Phan ThietEveryone who comes here must swim once (Photo @whywetravel_sk)


The famous beaches in Hon Rom that you can refer to are: Hon Rom 1, Hon Rom 2 and Thuy Trang beach ...

Besides, you can also play other extremely interesting underwater games such as: water motor racing, skydiving, windsurfing ... However, these are all adventure games, challenging bravery and courage. human skill, so those "weak heart" should not try it.

In addition, with the advantage of being a wide and long sandy beach, it is also suitable for large groups of people to play team building or play group games such as soccer or beach volleyball ...

If you like, you can also get on a boat with fishermen to go out to sea and experience a day of being a real fisherman through squid fishing, night fishing and then return early in the morning with a boat full of seafood in the joy of welcoming. hello ladies


Can't resist the charm of Hon Rom Phan ThietExperience the feeling of being a fisherman in the fishing village is not bad either (Photo @ zeemai77)


For those who like to experience, if you want to stay in Hon Rom Binh Thuan overnight, you can gather together with your friends by the roaring campfire, singing and talking under the sparkling starry sky and whispering waves. , sure to be an unforgettable memory in my life.


Can't resist the charm of Hon Rom Phan ThietA campfire will be an unforgettable memory (Photo @


In particular, do not forget to get up early to admire the scenery when the sun slowly emerges on the sea surface, the whole space is immersed in brilliant pink, the sea is sparkling like inlaid with gold, believe me, That romantic, magical beauty will surely make you fall in love with it.


Can't resist the charm of Hon Rom Phan ThietA beautiful dawn on the sea (Photo @ treneiro.zuzia)


Another hobby that is quite expensive but "worth the money" in Hon Rom tourist area that you can afford is a hot air balloon excursion. With this experience, you can capture the beauty of Phan Thiet into your eyes as well as enjoy the fresh, cool breeze from above.

Note : Its cost is quite expensive because you will have to spend about 3 million VND or more for a hot air balloon, but it can hold 6 to 8 people, so the more you go, the cheaper it will be.

If you have time, before the end of the tour, you can also go sand-skiing at the bay sand hill , check - in virtual live at Bau Trang or drop your soul into the poetic scenery of Suoi Tien nearby.

Eat, drink and rest at Hon Rom


The cuisine in Hon Rom is quite diverse and rich, the taste is delicious, easy to eat, so it is very popular with customers. In particular, the specialties of Phan Thiet such as: fish cake soup, can cake, hot pot or fresh seafood dishes with sweet meat ... are definitely not to be missed.


Can't resist the charm of Hon Rom Phan ThietFresh seafood is not to be missed (Photo @ tran.t.tam.52)



It will not be difficult for you to find 3 *, 4 * resorts to rest during your visit to Hon Rom Phan Thiet  because tourism services here are developing very well. The resorts that you can refer to: Blue waves, Hon Rom, Blue Shell, Pandanus or Madam Cuc Saigon Emerald ... with prices ranging from 300k to 1,300k / room / night.


Can't resist the charm of Hon Rom Phan ThietMany fancy resorts for you to rest (Photo @linhmomls)


The right time to come to Hon Rom

Phan Thiet in general and Hon Rom Mui Ne in particular have a fairly hot climate, but in return the sea is quite temperate and less affected by storms, so it is very suitable for cruises. Therefore, you can come to this island to travel in any season of the year.

Especially from June to August - the peak of summer all over the country, when the weather is extremely temperate and cool in Hon Rom , plus the sea water is also very clear and calm, so the number of visitors The tourism here is very crowded.

April and May are when you should think before coming here to travel because this is the peak hot time of Phan Thiet during the year, the temperature is always above 30 degrees Celsius and the sun is hot. However, if you still choose to travel at this time, you should carefully prepare shirts, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses ... carefully shielded to prevent skin damage.


Transportation to Hon Rom

From Saigon

Because Phan Thiet is only about 210km from Saigon, you can take a bus, train or private vehicle (motorbike, car) to get here.

Buses : There are many bus routes, bed cars, limousines from Saigon to Phan Thiet every day such as Phuong Trang garage, Huynh Gia, Hai Tuan, Tam Hanh ... with prices from 120k to 150k / ticket for you to choose.

Train : With this means, you should book the 5 * train with number SPT2 to have the most comfortable trip to Phan Thiet. Depending on the ticket class you book, such as soft seats, hard or soft beds with air conditioning, there will be different ticket prices ranging from 210k to 280k / ticket.

Private transport : The road from Saigon to Phan Thiet is not difficult, so you just need to use google maps to reach the place. Then, from the center of Phan Thiet city, you will follow the route Vo Nguyen Giap and DT716 to reach the island.


Can't resist the charm of Hon Rom Phan ThietPersonal vehicles are chosen by many people (Photo @susubona)


This will be a great vehicle for those who want to be proactive in terms of time as well as save travel costs. In particular, with this vehicle, you will not have to rent a motorbike or motorbike to travel from Phan Thiet to Hon Rom , extremely convenient.


From Hanoi

You can book a flight to Cam Ranh - Khanh Hoa and take a Taxi to Phan Thiet, then move as above to arrive.

In the midst of the burning heat of the summer, what are you waiting for without book a trip to Hon Rom Phan Thiet  to dispel the heat.