Camping to see stars in Mui Yen Phan Thiet - Have you had this experience?

With just two days a night, you can completely enjoy swimming, watching the sunset, chasing meteors and sleeping in the wilderness during your trip to Mui Yen, Phan Thiet.

1:00 pm , after 5 hours departing from Pham Ngu Lao bus station, Ho Chi Minh City to Phan Thiet, you can visit Phan Thiet market to take advantage of buying more essentials for this exciting discovery trip. Before leaving, do not forget to enjoy the rustic soup cake at Phan Thiet market.


experience in Mui Yen Phan ThietStart the journey to hunt stars at Mui Yen

13h30 , the journey starts with a wild red sand desert leading to Bau Trang . Occasionally you will be stopped by a local herd of cows. This journey takes about an hour. Cape Yen is a high rise, reaching out to the sea right to keep the desert hot and harsh heat of Binh Thuan.

14h30 to Bau Trang, you have to go on a trail that crosses the red sandy desert, leading to Mui Yen. The road is not far, but because the ride is low and there is a lot of rock, it moves quite slowly. It takes about 50 minutes to go all the way. However, you can walk while sightseeing and choose an ideal place to camp overnight.


experience at Yen Mui Phan ThietThe road to Mui Yen is quite bumpy, but the scenery on the side of the road is so majestic

If the companion is a jeep, it only takes 10-15 minutes. When you are half way, try to get off the bus, look behind the road in the past to feel the greatness of it, which is the vast arid deserts spread out a thousand eyes.

When you get there, find a place to stop and hike up the undulating hills, choosing the prime, flatest location to camp. Although Mui Yen is located in the middle of the desert, it is covered with green by bushes, reducing the feeling of aridity and lack of vitality. Standing from the side of Yen nose in the space with only wind and sea, you will feel how majestic the beauty of nature is.


experience in Mui Yen Phan ThietMui Yen is a promontory promontory in the middle of the sea

Mui Yen has 4 mountain peaks and one place in the desert, all large flat land, as wide as a helipad, very suitable for building tents. If you are right on the top of the mountain, choose a beautiful direction to "hunt" the sunrise or sunset. 

If it is sunset, you will feel extremely peaceful, only whispering waves, wind blowing in the sea, and the sun slowly disappearing behind the mountain, leaving a glimmer of yellow purple sky. people sobbed. Gradually, the color of the sun is completely gone, and then fades behind the horizon.


experience in the nose of phan ThietHunting the setting sun from Mui Yen

If you wake up early in the morning, you will see the sun slowly appearing, after the bands of color change continuously, slowly rising from the horizon, dispelling the cold, covered with yellow grass. We were just playing like children in the early morning sunlight because it was still a long time before we left the city like this.


experience in Yen Pha ThietDawn begins to dawn from Mui Yen

An arid, endless desert full of temptations. This place has not appeared popular on Vietnam's tourism map, but is the work site of many photographers and enthusiasts who move endlessly, because once watching the stars in Mui Yen, recording the frame This rare sight is something every traveler desires.


experience in Mui Ne Phan Thiet
Start the wonderful star hunt

You will have a wonderful night and sleep in the desert. The wind is cool at night, comfortably breathing the air. This is an experience you cannot miss when traveling to Mui Ne!

At this point you will start to get drunk like a fool. By being immersed in the romantic scenery, the sparkling starry sky. Once in a while, a shooting star flashes by suddenly giving you the feeling of wanting something like a baby.


experience in Mui Yen Phan ThietThe sky is too enchanting for those who love to move

Working in the desert, by the campfire is also quite fun. Tell your friends stories from the past, then lean on each other, turn the warm tea, inhale the scent of the ocean's nature and the rare peace. This is really an experience in Mui Ne Phan Thiet everyone wishes to have once in their life.


experience in Mui Yen Phan ThietDiscover the wonderful beauty of nature

The coast is dominated by colorful pebbles that sparkle in the early sun, creating strange sounds when each wave hits the shore. After a night of sleep at the top of the mountain, you will step out of the tent with a surprised feeling when the blue sea in front of you, your back is the desert and below the feet is a beautiful low-leaf forest.


experience in Mui Yen Phan ThietA chill out day at Mui Yen


East of Mui Yen, where residents went to sea and there are many rocky cliffs, swarming swiftlets. Perhaps this is the reason why this place is named Mui Yen.


Note for the complete Phan Thiet experience

- The coordinates of the dirt road leading several Mui Yen [0697655; 108.4399198]

- The road from Bau Trang to Mui Yen is quite difficult to go, so it is best to prepare a gear car to move.

- Please prepare food and water in advance, otherwise Mui Ne is the nearest market for you to buy food.

- Because Yen's nose is very windy, so prepare the anchor posts carefully.

- And remember not to take away photos, leave nothing but footprints!

This weekend must definitely make you fall in love with the experience schedule in Mui Yen Phan Thiet , try a star camping in the middle of hiding, cutting the internet wifi, living like children leaving work innocently. tired, and really enjoy the wonderful things that nature has to offer.