'Breeze' in the tranquility of the fishing village of Mui Ne

The fishing village of Mui Ne is an almost indispensable destination in most Phan Thiet - Binh Thuan tours because of the beautiful natural scenery and the peaceful and peaceful life of the people here.

Located in Quarter 1 on Huynh Thuc Khang street, about 200m from Mui Ne bus station, about 1km from Mui Ne market and about 23km from Phan Thiet city center to the North, Mui Ne fishing village with a length of only about 1km. It is a tourist destination that attracts a lot of tourists from Phan Thiet because of its peaceful but poetic beauty.


Fishing village of Mui Ne Phan Thiet - calm in every rhythm of life

Without tall, luxurious skyscrapers, the fishing village of Mui Ne is simply a few small houses nestled behind tall green coconuts and colorful canvases arranged on the coast, for boats boats mooring and buying and selling seafood after each return fishing wave.


'Breeze' in the tranquility of the fishing village of Mui NeThe peaceful beauty of the fishing village (Photo @ ant.ph)


This is also a rare village that retains the traditions of ancient fishing villages with eye-catching blue basket boats placed on the sandy beaches with boats and boats that are "lying" on the shore. sea ​​to "rest".


'Breeze' in the tranquility of the fishing village of Mui NeEach huts of all colors are lined up together (Photo @chinspeedy)


'Breeze' in the tranquility of the fishing village of Mui NeBeautiful basket boats on the sand (Photo @jolie_ig)


In addition, the attraction of the fishing village of Mui Ne Phan Thiet also comes from a peaceful, peaceful space, from the salty scent of the sea, from the green coconut trees swaying in the wind and from both the sincerity and rusticness. of the people of the sea, making it unforgettable to anyone who comes here.


'Breeze' in the tranquility of the fishing village of Mui NePeaceful and peaceful space (Photo @yu_hae)


If you come to this place in the early morning, you will admire the crowded, bustling scenery of paddles stepping up the waves, basket boats, fishing boats busy coming ashore and the figures. The girls' hurriedly returned to collect fish, making it feel like watching a festival taking place on the sea.


'Breeze' in the tranquility of the fishing village of Mui NeThe busy morning scene (Photo @kuriironeko)


'Breeze' in the tranquility of the fishing village of Mui NeStill beautiful shimmering (Photo @nguyenngoc_lanthanh)


In particular, everyone has a bright smile on their lips, radiant at the achievements of their labor, no matter how hard and dangerous they are. That's how many people find it difficult to find the two words "happiness", yet for fishermen in the fishing village of Mui Ne , happiness is simply fish full of boats, shrimps full of boats and relatives. returning safely after a long, simple night is how precious it is.

Dawn is so vivid, and when sunset falls, the whole fishing village is covered in warm crimson colors, the sea surface glows with silver rays, dotted with a few "silent" boats. In the distance, you will feel the space as deposited, romantic and romantic. From that it can be understood why, the ancient fishing village in Mui Ne attracts so many visitors.


'Breeze' in the tranquility of the fishing village of Mui NeThe sunset is very charming and magical (Photo @ flam2511)

Unforgettable experience at the fishing village of Mui Ne

Coming to this fishing village in Binh Thuan , taking super toxic photos but also being able to learn and immerse yourself in the peaceful, magical and colorful marine life of fishermen like sitting on a basket boat. offshore.


'Breeze' in the tranquility of the fishing village of Mui NeCheck in is super quality (Photo @ letrang28890)


'Breeze' in the tranquility of the fishing village of Mui NeSitting on a basket boat to the sea is not bad either (Photo @_____voevodina_____)


The fish market area below the long steps is a place that you must definitely not miss, because here you will have the opportunity to feel the bustling and urgent atmosphere of everyone when the fishing boat returns in the morning. Soon. Moreover, you can also choose fresh seafood with extremely "chestnut" prices.


'Breeze' in the tranquility of the fishing village of Mui NeChoose the freshest seafood by yourself (Photo @ jeanylove.2606)


Revealing, if you want to get the most preferential price, buy the remaining balance after the ship owner has distributed it all to the dealers or be very clever to pay the price.

Not only can you buy them, you can also ask local people to process them to enjoy on the spot. While enjoying delicious and sweet meat dishes and enjoying the bustling atmosphere of Mui Ne fishing village, it will definitely be a not bad experience.


'Breeze' in the tranquility of the fishing village of Mui NeEnjoy the delicious taste on the spot (Photo @ asino.1511)


If you have time, you can also go deep inside the fishing village to witness first-hand the extremely elaborate and meticulous drying of fish, squid and fish sauce, then don't forget to buy some to do. gifts for family and friends.

In addition, you can also sit and talk with the sisters in the village to better understand their culture and life, rest assured that you will always be greeted with a gentle smile and a friendly heart, The hospitality of the fishermen here.


The right time to visit the fishing village

Located near the sea, except for the rainy months, in any season of the year you can visit the fishing village of Mui Ne . The rainy season in Phan Thiet usually takes place in September to November every year, from June to August is the tourist season, so tourists may be a bit crowded, so you also need to consider carefully. diligent.


'Breeze' in the tranquility of the fishing village of Mui NeIf the weather is nice, the tour will be better (Photo @ maivu1805)


How to move to the fishing village of Mui Ne

With the starting point of Ho Chi Minh City, you can go to Mui Ne by private car (car, motorbike) or bus.

With private car : You go along National Highway 1A towards Binh Thuan, then turn left through the confluence of Throughout Cat into Phan Thiet city. Continue to follow provincial road 706 to reach Mui Ne. The distance is about 200km long and takes about 4 to 5 hours by car, a bit far, but in return you can see the golden sand dunes and beautiful beaches on the road.


'Breeze' in the tranquility of the fishing village of Mui NeMany people choose to travel by private motorbike (Photo @nikametelitsa)


Note: Only those with a firm steering wheel should use this vehicle. If you are still unsure about your ability to find your way, it is best to use google maps.

With passenger car : For those of you who belong to the "blind road" team or want to sit in cool air-conditioning to sleep all the time, you can choose from two well-known car manufacturers, Phuong Mai garage and Sinh Café.

Hopefully with the above sharing, you will have a fun and exciting trip in the fishing village of Mui Ne .